Monday, July 31, 2017


Alien General's Bride (Brion Brides) by [Voxley, Vi]
Nothing could have prepared her for the general...
Isolde Fenner had big dreams, but surprisingly enough, the universe was even bigger. Curvy and confident, she set out on her first intergalactic mission as a scientist from Earth, studying alien species. But she didn't even get to step foot on her shuttle when everything was turned upside down. The most powerful man in the universe wanted her. Her. And despite knowing better, she wanted him too. No one says no to the general. But she can't let him know that.

Diego Grothan is undefeated. Body, mind, soul - there is no one stronger than the Brion general, one of the most feared men in the universe. But even he finds himself on the brink of destruction when a human woman calls to him like nothing else. She is his. She simply doesn't know it yet. Not only is it unthinkable to want a human, but it might just be the push his enemies need to come for him. But Diego Grothan is prepared. Always.

Thrust into intrigue, war and hunted by enemies hiding behind veils, Diego must prove himself not only to his new bride, but the galaxy at large. It is no easy feat, but he is, after all, undefeated...

Will Isolde give into the mouthwateringly hot and equally as ferocious alien general or will fate make the decision for her?    AMAZON 4 stars

Strong main characters; and strong secondary ones too.  The different cultures and world building I thought was pretty well done too.  Twists, turns and unexpected enemies and allies are revealed.  Kept the reader guessing at times.  I enjoyed it and it kept me interested.  
I liked both Diego and Isolde; they were so different from each other but the sparks are there.  
There is a H.E.A. and no cliffhangers.  

P.S. This is a adult story because of the seduction and eventual sex scenes.

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