Sunday, July 23, 2017


Billionaire's Vegas Night: A Standalone Novel (A Billionaire Boss Romance Love Story) (Billionaires - Book #4) by [Adams, Claire]
She didn't expect to end up in her boss' Vegas bed...

How does happily ever after begin? While you can no doubt think up a million romantic ways for it to get started, getting sloppy drunk and passing out probably isn’t one of them. Which is why Luna is so mortified to find herself waking up in her boss’ bed in Vegas, her memory of the night before little more than sporadic flashes.

While she is embarrassed, her billionaire boss, Gabriel, is unfazed. Unlike Luna, he remembers the night before—including their wedding, officiated by Blues Brothers impersonators. No, for Gabriel, everything is just fine. Until the police come knocking at the door of his hotel suite.

And why are they knocking on the door of his hotel suite? Because not one, but two of his ex-girlfriends are in the same hotel as him—and they are both dead. Strangled to death during the night. And he is their number one suspect.

And his alibi can’t remember a thing.

No, this certainly is not how we imagine happily ever after starting, but despite things being less than picture perfect, will Luna and Gabriel be able to carve a path together?  AMAZON 4 STARS

A good story with good main characters.  Both Gabriel and Luna were good people in their own right and also worked well together as a team when it came to work.  Now if only they can communicate as well personally as the tensions increases.  I liked them both and found them interesting.  Not only is the murder case against Gabe a nightmare but so is Gabe's family tensions.  His sister-in-law and his nephew have a lot of resentment towards him and they aren't shy about expressing it.
There is several good secondary people and a mystery of who is trying to frame Gabriel.  Luna's father was at times kind of unlikable in his pushy overprotective ways.   Her best friend Kim showed up in the story as a funny but got your back kind of woman.

It has a good ending with a Epilogue included.  

By the way there will be marital sex in the story.  That's where the steam comes in. 

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