Saturday, July 15, 2017

BOOK REVIEW- ABDUCTED HEIRESS (The Secret Clan) by Amanda Scott

Abducted Heiress by [Scott, Amanda]
Molly Gordon, the Maid of Dunsithe, would be the wealthiest woman in Scotland...if anyone could find her fortune. But spirited away by her greedy uncle, she is kept captive on a misty island, separated from her treasure and the rest of her family, perhaps forever. She longs for a hero to rescue her. But when Sir Finlay Mackenzie, the fiery warrior, gains possession of Molly, her defiance and his temper lead them into a battle of wills. Armed with the right to marry her or barter her, he finds a proud princess who resists his passion and fights his every command. Now the real adventures begin as together Molly and Fin face danger, desire, and the fate that will drive them until they can open their hearts to magic-and to love.

Although I liked the main characters; I just felt like this could have been better.  The potential was there, the action was there and just some of the "romance" was there.  It just felt like it fell a bit flat in the romance department and at times it felt like it dragged.  It would drag and then there would be some action; like another battle or someone coming trying to reclaim Molly.  Very few people had her best interests at heart.  One family who did was her temporary/foster father; which I did appreciate.  His ability to help her though are limited because he's caught between a rock and a hard place concerning her.  

The "little people" play important parts to the story as well. And there is a nice note at the end of the book that talks about some of the true history of the land that the story was based on. 

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