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Motivational Monday (5-1-17) DUNMIS- Katie Souza

Motivational Monday -
Good morning everyone! Wow! What a weekend!
Are you guys battling against a demonic assault? Is the enemy trying to make your body sick? Devastate your marriage? Take your children captive. Have you fasted and prayed but gotten no breakthrough? Well, Jesus tells us the key to defeating the enemy in John 14:30. Listen to what the Lord said in this powerful scripture: “I will not talk with you much more, for the prince (evil genius, ruler) of the world is coming. And he has no claim on Me. [He has nothing in common with Me; there is nothing in Me that belongs to him, and he has no power over Me.]
Here Jesus gives us the secret to successful warfare. When you have nothing in you that’s in common with Satan then he will have no power over you. What does that mean? You were created a three part being. You are a spirit that has a soul, which lives in a body.
In Hebrews 12 it says that the spirits of the righteous have been made perfect. That verse is talking about us and our born again spirit. We are the righteousness of Christ because what He has done on the cross and when we believe in Him and receive Him as our Lord and Savior then our spirits are made perfect. So your redeemed spirit man has nothing in common with Satan so he has no power over your spirit man.
But your soul man is different. That part of your being was not made instantly perfect when you were born again. The traumas and sins you have experienced in your life have literally left “wounds” on your soul. These unhealed areas in your inner man are what give Satan the Legal right to assault you. When you get your soul healed then Satan with have no power over you because you will have nothing in you that’s in common with him. and that’s when you are going to win the battle that he has mounded against you.
How do you heal these wounds? The secret is living right now in your perfected spirit man. Every born again believer has a power inside their spirit called Dunamis. According to the Strongs concordance the word Dunamis means excellent of soul. Your spirit man has an endless supply of this Dunamis power. In fact you have a tankful that never runs out! If you are battling against a demonic spirit simply command the Dunamis power that is in your spirit to flow out into every wounded area in your soul that you have in common with the enemy. Remember the bible says rivers of living water will flow forth from your belly which is your spirit man! Command that Dunamis living water to flow into every area in your wounded soul that Satan is using to attack you.
Let's do it together now. Pray with me:
Lord Jesus I am in a war right now but because of the Dunamis power you have put in my spirit I am going to win! I decree that I have a tankful of Dunamis. The supply never runs out! I command that Dunamis power to flow like a river of living water into my wounded soul. I believe Dunamis is bringing life to me right now and I am becoming excellent of soul. I decree that my soul is getting healed so I will have nothing in me that is in common with Satan and he will have no power over me. I believe I am being healed, made whole and made excellent of soul. I am disease free, sound of mind and prosperous in every area of my life. I decree Satan has lost the battle and I am totally victorious over him in Jesus   name.
Love you guys - share this with your peeps and have an amazing start to your week!   LINK

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