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BOOK REVIEW-TEXAS WOMAN by Joan Johnston BOOK 3 of Sisters of the Lone Star

Texas Woman (Sisters of the Lone Star Book 3) by [Johnston, Joan]
Cruz Guerrero wanted Sloan Stewart from the first moment he laid eyes on the headstrong beauty. But Sloan, eldest daughter of a wealthy cotton planter, belonged to another man—until the day she came to him, a woman in trouble on the lawless frontier …and he made her an offer she could not refuse. Now he is ready to claim what is rightfully his—even as a long-ago betrayal threatens to tear her from his arms forever.

Sloan swore never to be used by a man again. Only sheer desperation made her strike a bargain with the aristocratic nobleman. Now he has come to collect on the vow they made together, seducing her with tender words, determined to make her want him as he wants her. Caught in the bitter cross fire of a traitorous enemy and an embattled republic, a man bound by honor and a woman wounded by passion must dare to trust in a love that’s strong and wild and true…AMAZON 4.5 STARS

Gritty, emotional with great main characters and secondary ones too.  
Cruz was such a really good man who put up with a lot from Sloan.  He also helped her quite a bit too.  And that was some bargain he struck with her some years ago.  Sloan was also quite the interesting woman, she had to scrap like a man most of her life.  She was a hard worker and loved Three Oaks, the place she was promised to inherit.  Her father Rip Stewart was one HARD man and he was hard on all three of his daughters.  Still, he was the hardest on his older daughter Sloan.  As unfair as that was, it did end up helping her endure the things that she had and what was to come.  She had loved one man with her heart wide open and he had betrayed her in several huge, painful ways.  It also made her afraid to ever love again, even her own son, Cisco.  That love she had for Tonio (the boy's father) turned to hate and she couldn't hardly bear to look at the boy although he looked more like his Uncle Cruz. 

 Some of the secondary people in the story include Sloan's sisters, Cricket and Bay.  I had read Bay's story earlier ( Comanche Woman).  It was good to see them show up in this book. It was still easy to read this story without having read the others.  But I did enjoy the fact that I had read the previous book. 

There is plenty of action and problems going on. There were several different "plots" that are going on and  watch out for Cruz's mother.  She is one selfish witch and often refers to Sloan as "that woman."  

All of the story does come to  satisfying conclusions with no cliffhangers.

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