Friday, May 12, 2017


The Cowgirl Takes Her Man (Bitterpill, Texas 78020 series: Book 1) by [Catlin, Barbara]
Readers are instantly drawn to the small-town charm of her authentic, pulse-pounding novels. On top of that, fans glory in her sweet yet sensual stories that are praised for their “cleaner than usual” language—and old-fashioned values galore.

Could she live with Cameron...but without his love?Struggling to operate her ranch, Terra Lee Bradford realizes the full extent of the Glory B’s dire financial straits. Cameron Stoner’s neighboring ranch, on the other hand, is thriving. Yet he’s overwhelmed with problems trying to tame his three motherless children—not to mention his libido.
...Concocted as an instant solution to everyone's woes, their marriage of convenience soon turns into a lusty battle of wills. He'll be damned if he'll give her his heart, and she refuses to settle for less!  AMAZON 3 STARS

I wanted to like it more.  It was pretty clean, family focused and had 2 really good main characters.   It had a lot of potential but I just felt like it ended being somewhat disappointing.  Probably because it was for the most part pretty predictable, with very few surprises.  Oh, it started out good but for me it kind of fizzled after that.   

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