Monday, May 15, 2017


Never Refuse a Sheikh (Bad Boy Sheikhs Book 2) by [Ashenden, Jackie]
Altair is a man perfectly in control both of himself and the power he wields as regent of Al Harah. Yet in order to retain his stronghold on the country he loves, he must wed a princess wilder than the Bedouin tribe she was raised in. A princess who only has one word for him: no.

Princess Safira knows what freedom means and it isn’t a palace or a crown. Neither does it mean being told what to do by a man with more ice in his veins than blood. Safira is innocent in the ways of men, but the heat in Altair’s gaze calls to a deep, unclaimed part of her soul she cannot deny. Altair seems hellbent on civilizing her, but she’s not so easily tamed. Especially not when she can sense the wildness that lives in him….AMAZON   4 STARS

I enjoyed this story.  Good main characters and plenty of spunk on Safira's part.  She was NOT going to go quietly into the night! The way the story starts out is interesting in itself as is the subtle warning that the desert chief gives Altair.   It made me smile and it didn't take long to see that he had a tiger by the tail.  She has become a Warrior princess during her time of protective exile.  Altair just comes in and arrogantly expects things to fall into place.  No one ever tells him no, but of course that is to be expected because of his position.   He has such cold iron control but he also has a secret and its a whopper.  It also explains a lot.  He often confuses Safira with his mixed signals.  No matter what their differences they both have one thing in common, they are  lonely people.  
There is no cliffhanger and it does have a H.E.A.
There is also a quick peek into another book that is an offshoot of this one and it sounded pretty good too.   It's called, " Never Resist A Sheikh".

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