Saturday, May 20, 2017


When You Dare: Hard Knocks: An Ultimate Novella (The Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor) by [Foster, Lori]
The tougher they are, the harder they fall… 
Professional mercenary Dare Macintosh lives by one hard-and-fast rule: business should never be personal. If a cause appeals to him and the price is right, he'll take the mission he's offered. But then the lovely Molly Alexander asks him to help her track down the men who'd had her kidnapped—and for the first time, Dare's tempted to combine work with pleasure. 
Fiercely independent, Molly vows to trust no one until she's uncovered the truth. Could the enemy be her powerful estranged father? The ex-fiancé who still holds a grudge?   Or the not-so-shy fan of her bestselling novels? As the danger heats up around them, the only anchor Molly has is Dare himself. But what she feels for him just might be the most frightening thing of all…AMAZON 4.5 STARS

A really good story.  Something to remember is that it has adult content, has some sensitive issues which would probably be better for 18+ readers.  Great main characters; Dare and Molly were both strong just in some different ways.  I liked them both and as the story unfolds you get to see some things that they have in common too.  Molly is a straight shooter, who doesn't play games and often caught people off guard with it with her words and her ways Her father and stepmother were always uncomfortable with her style . Dare found her honest approach refreshing and even though he doesn't show it at first, he's really drawn to her.  Dare is a straight shooter too, he is a man of integrity.  But his straight shooting often had to do with the physical protection of the innocent and helpless. Gun, knife, fighting skills were something he had perfected and he wasn't afraid to kill if he had to.  It wasn't his first choice, but it was on the list.  So you can see not only is he skilled but he's also lethal at times.  
 The secondary characters were really good too; Chris and Dane's girls, "Sargie and Tai".  Nice addition.
Something that I appreciated was the unusual choice of occupation for Molly.  That also was a nice touch I thought.   Here I am reading a book (by an author of course) and one of the main characters is an author writing a book.  Made things kind of interesting. 
There is plenty of action, twists, turns, surprises and yes, romance.   The book kept me interested all the way through. 

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