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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What Goes Up Must Come Down! by Dana Jarvis

What Goes Up Must Come Down!
by Dana Jarvis
Recently, I noticed that the spiritual atmosphere was brighter than usual. As a Seer, I often detect when a spiritual change takes place in the atmosphere; or a change where the spiritual atmosphere becomes brighter or transitions to various shades of darkness. It tells me that a significant spiritual shift is taking place.
The Lord then revealed to me a vast angelic army in an ocean of radiant light. They were simply standing there waiting and watching. I kept looking at the heavenly host feeling their anticipation as if they wanted to break through to something. They were ready for take-off! Then one of the angels that stood in front spoke and said, “It is not quite time just yet!” This angelic multitude wanted to burst in with a flood of divine activity, but those words held them back.
Then I heard the Lord say, “Tell my faithful ones, Heaven is coming down! Heaven is breaking in!”
The Lord is moved by those who did not grow weary in the place of prayer throughout their dry times, their mundane times, you remained steady. God loves the sound of your voice as it rises like incense before His throne. When we pray, our voices arise like a fragrance. He hears every prayer, every cry, every song, every plea - and He answers. What goes up must come down!
In this vision of the angelic host, I noticed they stand waiting for the words “Break Through” so they may go forth breaking through and bursting in your life with Heaven’s answer for you. I began to pray to the Lord to call them to go forth and release them to their awaited destination. As I began to pray, I saw other angels begin to rise up in the mountains. I saw them lining the clouds and looking down and even standing on the top of buildings. This is a season to look and expect God to break in. He is sending forth His angels of revival and restoration. He is sending those angels of breakthrough and healing. He is sending out those watcher angels to monitor the activities of God’s people and how they are responding to fulfill their destiny. As messengers of the Lord, they often communicate to those called to know the times, (Sons of Issachar) and communicate the heart of God to watchmen of intercession and those called with a specific purpose.
Cry out for the breaking in of the host of Heaven to go forth and strike the hearts of the lost. God is sending forth His mighty power. Heaven and earth are about to collide. The veil between the two is becoming thin. Revelation 5:8 tells us that the elders who are ever before the throne of God each hold a harp and bowl. The harp is a symbol of constant worship, and the golden bowl full of incense is the prayers of the saints. That is your voice. That is my voice. Our voice is ever before the throne of God. Prayers never die; they live on. So I cry out and I share this with you to assure you in your prayers that God is listening and He will answer. Each one of those angels standing in this heavenly multitude I saw is assigned to each one reading this today! They have something with your name on it!
Your prayers have gone up and your answer is coming down!
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