Tuesday, November 1, 2016


One Magic Christmas: A Christmas Novella by [DeFee, Ann]
Most of the year Honoria “Honey” Westfield Campbell is a shoo-in for Miss Congeniality, but when it comes to Christmas she morphs into a Scrooge-arina. She wants to jingle her bells and deck her halls but she just can’t get into the spirit. Honey knows exactly why she breaks out in a sweat the minute the stores start putting up the holly. On a cold Christmas Day when she was seventeen she betrayed the only man she’s ever loved. All that’s in the past, but guilt, like love, doesn’t have a statute of limitations.
When Honey’s invited to spend the holidays skiing in the New Hampshire Mountains she jumps at the chance. But fate is fickle and she finds herself lost and stranded in a blizzard. Yikes! She’s about to panic when a Santa/Willie Nelson lookalike arrives on a snowmobile decorated like a Christmas sleigh. The helpful stranger delivers her to the Magic Tree Farm, and Matt–the ex-husband she’s never stopped loving. Oops–he has three kids and a dog. The homey environment of a family celebrating Christmas makes Honey nostalgic for the dreams of her youth. 
Can a miracle happen at the Magic Tree Farm? Will Honey rediscover the joy of Christmas and rekindle a romance with Matt? And who was that Santa/Willie Nelson lookalike?    AMAZON 4 STARS

Short, Sweet and Charming, that is how I would describe this book.  .   A perfectly good story for the Holidays.  
I liked both of the M.C.'s and thought that Matt and Honey were pretty well developed as likable people, in this shorter book (novella).  It didn't take long for me to be rooting for them to be together.   Wow, they might have been pretty young when they first got together but they sure had the cards stacked against them then.  It  was a really good look  at how lives were screwed up because of the control of others. 
Not a pretty picture but an amusing re-meeting of Matt and Honey, does bring around a second chance.  Now what are they going to do with it?  
The 3 kids mentioned in the blurb were a welcome addition and of course the youngest was especially charming.  
I'm still smiling from the warmth of the story.

I received the book as a gift.

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