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Friday, November 4, 2016


No Direction Home (Sweet Home Colorado) by [Willhoff, Jude]
No Direction Home is about a woman who has lost everything that matters, an orphaned thirteen-year-old boy nobody wants and a charming ex-con.
Grace Sanders lost her health to a debilitating disease and her husband to another woman. Experimental surgery gave her back her health, but couldn't repair her heart. Only time will heal the damage left behind by an unfaithful man so Grace throws herself into a new project to save her trusting grandmother from being preyed on by a charming ex-con.
Convicted of a crime he didn't commit, Seth Taylor lost everything that mattered to him, years with his daughter and the belief he'll never love again. Released from prison, he finds a job as a ranch foreman at the Cactus Rose Ranch in Cedar Falls, Colorado. His widowed boss refuses to let growing old destroy her dreams for her granddaughter and she believes in second chances.
Second chances are what both Grace and Seth need to create their own Sweet Home Colorado.    AMAZON    4 STARS

A good book and for the most part it flowed pretty well.  There were a few times it bogged down a bit more than I like but it didn't last too long.  The unusual facts of the debilitating disease that Grace dealt with, was handled so well in this story.  I had never heard of it before, which I guess isn't all that surprising, there are a lot of medical conditions that I'm not aware of.  The ways that she found to cope with chronic pain was eye opening as well.  But don't think that this book is all about pain and the medical, physical and emotional  aspects of her disease.  This is also a romance, with really engaging main characters and great secondary people as well.  It didn't take long for me to be pulling for both Grace and Seth to be together and to find their own HEA.   They both had been through some really tough times, just different ones.  Grace's grandmother Nana was a tough sweetheart, who was always there to help others.  Jamie, Seth's little girl is as charming as you would expect her to be. And she has a great relationship with her father.  Grace had some really good girl friends, who were there for her in all of their quirky ways. Cindy was probably the quirkiest of the bunch but lovable too.  There was a quick look into Cindy's story at the end of this book. Her story is called, " Fly Away Home", Book 2.

I was glad that Jude Willhoff added her About the Author note at the end..that was-eye-opening as well.  
It also explained a lot.  
I really thought that the cover for the eBook was really attractive. 

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