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Monday, November 7, 2016


Love in a Fix: A Contemporary Christian Romance (Modern Conveniences Book 1) by [Atwood, Leah]
Modern Conveniences- a new series featuring contemporary marriages of convenience.

As a widowed, single mom, Lyndsey Allen has a load of financial troubles. Despite her best efforts to stay afloat, she faces foreclosure. With a young son to consider she needs a miracle and quick, but pride won't let her accept money from a longtime friend.

When handyman Shep Patterson promised his best friend that he'd look after Lyndsey should anything happen to him, he never imagined that would include marriage, yet a proposal slips from his mouth. 

Lyndsey accepts his proposal, shocking them both. Will their marriage of convenience hold just as many surprises?    AMAZON   3.5 STARS

This was a good clean story with good main characters.  The only reason I gave it a lower rating is because it was fairly predictable, with what I thought had no real surprises.  I gave it the additional half star because it was charming and I thought the author did a good job with showing the emotions of what the people were going through.  Also there is scripture in this story but its not overloaded with it and it does show some of the lifestyle of people who are really trying to live the Christian way of life.  
So if you want a tamer, clean story that is charming, this is it!

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