Thursday, November 24, 2016

BOOK REVIEW- ONLY BELOVED (#7-The Survivor's Club)

Only Beloved (A Survivors' Club Novel) by [Balogh, Mary]
From the legendary New York Times bestselling author ofOnly a Kiss and Only a Promise comes the final book in the rapturous Survivor’s Club series—as the future of one man lies within the heart of a lost but never-forgotten love...

For the first time since the death of his wife, the Duke of Stanbrook is considering remarrying and finally embracing happiness for himself. With that thought comes the treasured image of a woman he met briefly a year ago and never saw again. 
Dora Debbins relinquished all hope to marry when a family scandal left her in charge of her younger sister. Earning a modest living as a music teacher, she’s left with only an unfulfilled dream. Then one afternoon, an unexpected visitor makes it come true.
For both George and Dora that brief first encounter was as fleeting as it was unforgettable. Now is the time for a second chance. And while even true love comes with a risk, who are two dreamers to argue with destiny?   AMAZON 3.5 STARS

I had mixed feelings on this one.  It starts out slow although it was often sweet and charming.
For most it the story remained the same.  Part of the slower pace had to do with George and Dora getting to know each other. I did like both of the main characters.  George was kind and quite the listener, often drawing a person's story from them almost before they realize it.  He found so much of his happiness from giving to others but Dora sensed a deep well of pain and loneliness in him.
He held so much of his painful past to himself and shared very little of it even with the other Survivors who he loved so much.  Things keep moving along until "Bam" some twists, turns and revelations show up.  That was well done.  George's enemy wanted vengeance and he waited for a long time to try to get it. The sense of family, both by blood and circumstances was so easy to feel.  There are some reconciliations that are formed and the completion of each of the Survivor's stories are all neatly and happily tied up.  It ends on a high note.

One thing that I did notice in this book was that there were a few times where there were run-on sentences.  More, like a small paragraph before a period appeared. It was a bit distracting and I do remember it happening in at least one other of this author's books.  I'm not a super stickler about this kind of thing because I'm pretty sure I've sometimes done it myself.  However, a small paragraph?

OK, after saying that, let me share one of my favorite moments.  It's when George asked Dora, "Did I wake you?"  And Dora said, " It was your absence that woke me."

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