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Thursday, November 10, 2016


Slender Reeds: Jochebed's Hope by [Gregory, Texie Susan]
Trapped beneath 400 years of Egypt’s injustices, the Hebrew people await deliverance from generations of Egyptian slavery. But while it is still dark, God is at work. Young Jochebed is unaware the Master Weaver is preparing her to mother three formidable leaders: Miriam, Aaron, and Moses. Shiphrah, the half-Egyptian midwife tasked to kill Hebrew male newborns, remembers childhood stories of a merciful God and cannot resist His call on her life.
Two women, each following the dangerous path God has set before them—this is their story 

I find myself pondering exactly how to rate this book.  It's good let me say that right off the bat.  It's not one bit hard to be pulled into it and "feel" the emotions of their times.   But it's also Intense, really intense.  It might not be something that everyone wants to read but the women in the story really stand out.  And not just through just Jochebed, and Shiphrah but through their on and off friend, Lili and Jochebed's mother Elisheba.  Elisheba was like a mother to many and put so much of her love of God into others and put so much of God into everything she did.  She wove the stories of God into the baskets that she made and as she taught others they learned of God this way also.    One of the favorite things that she spoke often to Jochebed and others was, " But while it is still dark, God is at work."   This is so hard for Jochebed to accept when she suffers so much loss, death and darkness.  This is one of the things that might made it hard for some readers, because there was a lot of suffering shown in the book.  Since the book was so well written, I just feel like it deserves 4 STARS on Amazon.  There were other secondary people who were so well added to the story and some have connections that don't see until nearing towards the end of the book.  The story was like a well woven basket.  

I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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