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Promise Trail (Redemption Mountain Historical Western Romance Book 6) by [Davies, Shirleen]
Bull Mason has built a life far away from his service in the Union Army and the ravages of the Civil War. He’s achieved his dreams—loyal friends, work he enjoys, a home of his own, and a promise from the woman he loves to become his wife. 
Lydia Rinehart can’t believe how much her life has changed. Escaping captivity from a Crow village, she finds refuge and a home at the sprawling Redemption’s Edge ranch…and love in the arms of Bull Mason, the ranch foreman. For the first time since her parents’ death, she feels cherished and safe. 
In an instant their dreams are crushed… 
Bull is resolute in his determination to track down and rescue Lydia’s brother, kidnapped during the celebration of their friend’s wedding. He’s made a promise—one he intends to keep. Picking the best men, they are ready to ride, until he’s given an ultimatum.
Choices can seldom be undone… 
As their journey continues, the trackers become the prey, finding their freedom and lives threatened. 
And promises broken can rarely be reclaimed… Can Bull and Lydia trust each other again and find their way to back to the dreams they once shared?    AMAZON  4 STARS

Having read quite a few of the books in this Series, I was glad to be able to read what happened when Lydia's brother got snatched from the ranch.  So here was my chance when the book was offered.  I liked it but it was also painful sometimes when looking at many of the challenges they were faced with.  Lydia had faced so much already when she was held captive in the Crow village  but as you can see by the blurb, more are headed Lydia and Bull's way.  I just have to say that even though I understood her making a sacrifice in the book, I wanted to slap her and tell her don't do it! Now, that's not to say that I didn't like Lydia, just this one decision.  Well, there were a few other emotional decisions that she made that were bad ones.  Sitting down and talking to Bull just might have avoided a lot of problems.  She also was still trying trying to heal from her trauma's.  Just trying to be fair here.  Bull was a straight arrow good guy, with many talents besides just being a cowboy foreman.  He had so much honor and would do just about anything for someone he called friend, and for Lydia, who he deeply loved.   Poor Bull, so often he was flying semi-blind when it came to dealing with Lydia.

They are going to have to work through a lot but there will be a HEA for them.  There is also several other HEA for other people in the story, which I enjoyed.  Because there were plenty of other people to the story, who also added their flavor of troubles to be worked through. While this book probably isn't my favorite of the series, I still did like it and liked  that a lot of loose strings get wrapped up.  With all the HEA's in the story, its not a cliffhanger to my way of thinking.  But if you are interesting in one particular couple who had called it quits, then that story probably will be in another book.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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