Tuesday, September 27, 2016


The Angel of Soriano: A Renaissance Romance by [Alden,Stella Marie]
Tonight, Aurelia's uncle plans to steal Soriano away from Rodrigo Borgia. Although she doesn't give a fig who owns the town that nearly stoned her to death, her handsome captain is behind bars. She should never have agreed to marry him, especially not upside down and over his shoulder. 
What is it about Bernardo's new wife? The beautiful angel refuses to trust him, not even after he weds her without a dowry. She wields a firearm like a pirate, disguises herself as a male doctor, and nearly drives him mad. And yet he can't go on without her. 
How can a mere man convince a woman like that to come home?  AMAZON  4 STARS

Good story, with really good main characters and secondary ones too. Bernardo's best friend, Fulvio was one of the good secondary people.  He really did have Bernardo's back, all the time.
The story didn't lack for bad guys and women too.    It was amazing how shrill, snobbish and unappealing Lucella and her grandmother were.  Definitely fell into the bad people column. 
 Aurelia's beauty is also her curse, she attracts men like a magnet.  And she's not even trying to.  She just wants to be left alone to practise her healing skills.  She figures she is never getting married anyway because of several things that happened that were never in her control.  You have to read the story to know what they are.  There is plenty of action in the story, as well as Aurelia doing a lot of running from lecherous men.  Lucky for her she's one smart, ingenious young woman.  Some of the things she did to escape made me laugh.  She was extremely creative.  She has many near misses to disaster by the skin of her teeth.  There will be battles, romance, power struggles, mysteries and some sex too.

“I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review”.

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