Thursday, September 1, 2016


Making Her His (A Singular Obsession Book 1) by [Leroux, Lucy]
For almost five years, Alex has had one obsession. Her name is Elynn.
Alex Hanas couldn't believe that after so many years as a widower, his father was getting remarried. To make matters worse, the American gold digger had a kid—a daughter named Elynn. After months of avoiding it, Alex goes to brunch with every intention of giving his father's new family the deep freeze. But he can't pull it off with Elynn's anxious green-grey eyes locked on him.
That was the day his life changed.
Four years later, Alex is as close to Elynn as a stepbrother can be. But that's not enough for him. He wants more...and he's done waiting.   AMAZON

Good plot, really good characters.  And also several interesting people as well.  They are kind of seen less because the story is mainly about  Elynn and Alex.  But they do add to the story when the secondary characters show up.  And of course you know the villain of the piece will show up again in the story, you just aren't sure when.  And yes as the blurb tells you there will be sex but its going to be awhile there are some things Elynn has to work through.  Things that Elynn has to work through because of the before mentioned villain. But the years of trust that Alex builds with Elynn make the story really interesting.  Yes, he is a bossy, alpha personality, driven businessman who went through model type women in the past but he was tender, kind and protective towards her.   
I liked that Elynn was funny, smart and kind but she was also astute about some people.  As she got to really know Alex she had a pretty good understanding of his personality.  That's not to say that he couldn't surprise her as his feelings became clearer.  Alex was somewhat predictable as a possessive man but the story also showed him having some charming  interactions with Elynn as well.  It was funny what triggered his panic to get Elynn in a different light.  I LOVED it when Elynn went toe to toe with a past girlfriend, when she showed up uninvited.  Part of my enjoyment was that she didn't believe the lies the woman was selling, which would have been easy enough to do.  That was a refreshing change, because in a lot of stories the woman believes it and runs.  I also liked the spunk she showed with Alex when she made it clear, that he would NOT be cheating on her. 
Great twist at the end of the story and I appreciate the story having a good Epilogue. 

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