Wednesday, September 7, 2016


AMISH ROMANCE: The Amish Widow's Baby (Second Chance Secret Baby Inspirational Romance) (Sweet Wholesome Romance) by [Field, Amy]
Set in a quiet Amish village, this is the heartwarming story of Emma, a young, inconsolable widow struggling to come to terms with the premature death of her beloved husband and be strong for her unborn child. 

On top of that, there's a string of suitors who are throwing glances in Emma's direction at the service. She knows she has to soon pick one, even only to help her manage the farm, and to be a father for her unborn child. 

The suitors cross paths with each other at Emma's door, and she become even more confused about who to choose. The situation becomes unbearable. 

And then, at last, God sends her a sign to show her who will be her perfect husband... 

++ Includes thirty inspiring and uplifting story of love and romance from the publisher's library! ++ 

The stories are pleasant although somewhat predictable.  The extra books do cover quite a variety of subjects and romances.  
If you are looking for a variety and some shorter stories, this book is for you.
The price is pretty good because it will take you a while to work your way through all the stories.  

Cute cover for the ebook.

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