Saturday, April 22, 2017

God, What Do You Want To Be For Me Now?


In the world, we learn to work towards something, but in the kingdom we are learning to work FROM the place that is already given to us in Jesus.

In kingdom learning, the outcome is always defined first.

God often shows us the end result and then invites us to see it with Him. He gives us the opportunity to join Him in the process of seeing it unfold in our lives. He loves showing us who He is making us into and what He is doing.
Once He shows us the outcome, then we get to engage with the process of seeing that end result established in our lives. His goal is for us to master these lessons, so we don’t have to repeat them again and again.

Our job is to focus on what He wants to be for us right now in the midst of our circumstances and to love the process of learning!

So let’s ask God today, “What do you want to be for me now?” This question is absolutely key in our journey!  LINK

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