Monday, April 10, 2017


Dark Vengeance (The DARK Files Book 4) by [Vaughan, Susan] 
Which is deadlier—the deaths he can’t forget or the danger she can’t remember?
DARK Officer Jack Thorne joined the antiterrorism task force for one reason only—to exact revenge on the smuggler responsible for the tragedy that haunts him. Vacationing in Italy, Sophie Rinaldi overhears her host plotting to sell weapons-grade uranium to terrorists. She flees, but the man’s car strikes her. She ends up in the hospital, the last crucial weeks erased from her mind—and still a target for murder. Whether Sophie is an accomplice or merely a witness, to find out what she knows, Jack must keep her safe.
As Sophie and Jack race to stay ahead of hired killers, they find it impossible to deny their growing attraction. Jack is torn between his longing for Sophie and his pledge of vengeance. And how can Sophie fall for this tormented man who doesn’t trust her?
If she regains her memory, what she knows could destroy them both…AMAZON  4 STARS

This book starts out in a way that grabs your attention right away.  You get a really good bead on what kind of guy Sebastian Vadim is pretty quickly.  Is that his real name or one of his many aliases? 

Jack Thorne and Sophie Rinaldi are both good main characters.  You get a really good idea of how scary it is for Sophie not only because of her painful injuries but also the fact that so much of her memory is missing.  Jack isn't so sure that her memory loss is for real but he desperately needs her to remember if it is true.  I like how they each got the measure of the other after awhile.  She saw Jack as a hard man, a strong one.  Who might not be considered handsome but he was so very male.  Jack began to see that Sophie had a tough core that came to her rescue when she needed it.  For the most part she appeared beautiful, fragile and easy to get along with.  But she also had courage and she cared about people.    Where she was outgoing, Jack had a wall of protection up almost all the time.  He had a whole lot of pain behind that wall.  But Sophie does begin to weaken that wall but it isn't easy and it isn't quick.  Sophie does bring something else valuable to the table; she can speak Italian like a native and Jack can't.  

As the two of them are running for their lives, we also get to experience some of the sights and some of the history of Italy.  A Vendetta is something that is also driving Jack and his hatred of Sebastian Vadim runs deep.  Part of the story has to do with his doing his job on the task force and also his running his enemy into the ground.  
The action gets intense and the people after Jack and Sophie increase in number and set-ups. 
But the good guys win and Jack and Sophie overcome the odds against them, but you'll have to read it to see how that all comes about. 

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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