Monday, April 17, 2017


The Tender Stranger by [Davidson, Carolyn]
Trust No One
To her sorrow, Erin Wentworth had learned that lesson all too well when her society marriage had proved a sham. Now widowed and pregnant, she wanted only to escape the memories. But fate, in the form of Quinn Yarborough, had followed her to her mountain hideaway to resurrect the past—and offer her a future….
A Breed Apart
Bounty hunter Quinn Yarborough knew he had come face-to-face with a quarry unlike any other, for runaway widow Erin Wentworth was a prize beyond any price. And his heart ached to claim her as his very own….AMAZON 4 STARS

I enjoyed this book.  Lots of emotion, tenderness and also lots of action too.  Erin is a woman on her own and people just feel like that makes her a target to misuse. So as you can guess that causes a lot of problems that have to be overcome as well.   Well, not everyone tries to misuse her. There has been people who have been good to her in the town (of Pine Creek) that is closest to her mountain hide-out. That added interesting secondary characters. 

I liked how the relationship between Erin and Quinn developed.  And yes, he was a tender person towards her but also a strong man as well.  As much as Erin tried to live independently, she needed him and he was there for her.   As time goes on, she begins to have his back as well.  

Only here will I say, that because of a situation, they end up getting married and his tender wooing begins. 

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