Sunday, April 2, 2017


Sheik's Rescue (Desert Justice) by [Kennie, Ryshia]
As a sheik, he always got what he wanted—until he met his beautiful and challenging new partner… 
Zafir Al-Nassar knows everything about Jade Van Everett. He's studied the cases she's worked for his family's company and for the FBI. And it's hard not to notice that she's absolutely gorgeous. Teaming up for a routine security detail, Jade is desperate to prove herself and Zafir can't help but admire her determination. But when their assignment turns deadly, it becomes difficult to stay focused on the job. Because although they were hired to protect a Morrocan royal from a trained assassin, Zafir also has every intention of keeping Jade safe and by his side. Forever. AMAZON  4 STARS

Interesting start to the book.
Stanley was....unusual , odd..  I guess that is the best words to describe him.  I began to agree with Zafir and Jade that at times he was so frustrating.  And not very likable. He starts out as a complainer. But then all of a sudden, something would happen and a compassion for him would stir; right in time with those guarding him. That was a bit surprising but I came to agree that there was more to Stanley than what met the eye and that was a good thing. The action gets pretty intense with an edge of the seat feel to it.  I liked that there was romance but that wasn't the main deal of the story, intrigue and action was.  Don't get me wrong, there is an almost instant attraction between them but its not exactly Insta-Love like some other books.  This might be the first time that they have met but they have studied each other, kind of.  In fact, Zafir even said that he didn't believe in anyone instantly falling for someone and that it was "hokey garbage."  Uh-huh.  Things are about to change about that.
One thing that made me smile was how it is mentioned separately how both  of the main characters were so excited by having a new gun.  For Zafir it was better than a woman and for Jade better than feminine frill a woman might want.

There is also a quick look into the book, "Lucas" by Delores Fossen.  It was pretty darn interesting, grabs you right away.

I received a copy of this book and this is my honest opinion of it.

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