Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Never Surrender (Task Force Eagle Book 2) by [Vaughan, Susan] 
In hot pursuit
For years, DEA Agent Ricardo Cruz has pursued El Águila, the gun-and-drug-smuggling cartel that killed his older brother. When Rick finally has a lead in Maine, his suspect goes underground and the sister refuses to cooperate. Beautiful Juliana Paris’s quick wit and loyalty draw him but he can’t afford involvement with his suspect’s sister.
With no way back
Because Juliana’s father suffered injustice that led to his early death, she intends to find her troubled younger brother and ensure the law treats him fairly. She’s determined not to fall for the sexy agent, even if he is dedicated and honorable. Threats by the cartel, who plan to use her to lure out her brother, force her to accept Rick’s protection. 
The only choice is . . . surrender.
Juliana wants no charmer like the men her mother keeps marrying, and Rick wants no strings. Although attraction sparks between them, the two are at odds and their personalities are polar opposites, but they must work together while evading the thugs. Their hunt for the brother and the cartel’s American connection leads them into each other's arms and into deadly danger.  AMAZON  4 STARS

I liked the main characters.  Ricardo was a skilled agent but also charming, easy on the eyes and at times fun loving.  Juliana was the opposite, she had her lists ad was responsible and as careful as she could be.  Her and her lists.   She had a touch of OCD, but her routine also helped her deal with all the lack of responsibility that was a part of her parents way of life.  She was smart and a couple of her observations actually helped Ricardo  in several ways.  I'm thinking what a smart girl, then she does the stupidest thing ever..I actually wanted to yell out, "are you kidding me?"  
While at times the story was somewhat predictable, it did have a moment or two of surprises.  I enjoyed it anyway. Not bad for a shorter story, it had a lot of action. 

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