Saturday, April 29, 2017


Son of the Sheik (Desert Justice) by [Kennie, Ryshia]
Someone is threatening to expose Sara Elliott's secret. After draining her bank account, she flees to Morocco to face the one man she fears, the only man who can truly protect her son. Sheik Talib Al-Nassar has money and power beyond compare, but nothing could prepare him for seeing his ex, especially in his homeland. Though suspicious of this reunion, he would do anything to shield her and her little boy from further danger. He welcomes them to his family compound, but Talib's shelter has a price of its own. Like Sara's blackmailer, he desires only one thing: the truth about her son… AMAZON 4 STARS will be my rating when Amazon opens it up to reviews on June 1, 2017.  

What a dramatic start to the book; it grabs your attention right away. And Talib?   He just might be the greatest King of Denial.  Or is that Sheik of Denial? That impression comes into focus pretty early in the book.  The first couple of chapters actually.  We can see the way he thinks because both of the main characters have their P.O.V.'s shown in the story.  It was done smoothly. We can see how if something is uncomfortable and he doesn't want to deal with it, he finds it fairly easy to push it back  Out of sight and out of mind.  The breakup between Sara and Talib was pretty rough; even Talib  finally admits that to himself.  
There are also glimpses into the thoughts and motives of several of the bad guys too.   They just don't stop.  Greed and hatred are the driving motives, which is a relentless force in this story.   There is some romance between Sara and Talib but they are kept busy just trying to find out who is chasing and threatening Sara and Everett.   Not to worry though, you can clearly see that the feelings are still there.  They just have to work through some of the anger, hurt and resentment that is also there.  Personally, I probably would have liked to see a bit more romance.  I am glad though that this is not a book where you have to skip past pages of  sex.  
It does feel like the story slows down a bit several times but over all a fairly good chase story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book and this is my opinion of it.

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