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He needs to escape his past. She needs to jumpstart her future. Together, they just might have the answer. Alex Farrell has been the glue holding his unstable family together for as long as he can remember, but a volatile piece of his past is about to threaten the harmony he's been working to build. Ashley is in desperate need of a husband. Her mother left her a fortune, but until she gets married, she's under complete control of a man who wants to lock her away. And when she thinks of men she can get to marry her, there's one that comes to mind. Alex Farrell, her former stepbrother, wanted her so many years ago. He has to still want her now. Knowing Alex always loved her puts her plan in motion. But Alex refuses to just pretend. Ashley's everything he's ever wanted, and this time, he won't let her slip through his fingers. Taboo or not, Alex is all in, and completely in love with his ex-stepsister. But sometimes, fighting for love isn't the hardest fight of all.  AMAZON 4.5 STARS

I liked this book and it was easy to see that as I just seemed to zoom through the book.  It kept my attention.I liked both of the main characters and the unusual approach to the story.  The emotions were good as were some of the twists, turns and action.
Alex Farrell had a dysfunctional family for sure.  If you looked it up in a "fake" dictionary, their name/names would be listed right there.  Of course Ashley hadn't had a walk in the park with her mother either.  The difference between the 2 families is that even though Ashley didn't like the decisions her mother made, there was some love there between them.   Not so with the father of the Farrell "boys."   There really wasn't much to like about him.  Even at 15 years old Ashley knew her "stint" in the household was going to be a short one and not a HEA family for her.  She was innocent and yet even Alex could see in her eyes, a world weariness and pain from her mother's lifestyle.
I'm not really that big a fan of the stories with a lot of flashbacks BUT, it was pretty well done in this book.  After I got used to it, it was fairly easy to follow.
The Farrell family has racked up some enemies and the "one in particular" was a slick, slimy, powerful schemer.  Of course, Ashley has her own person to fight off and he's an enemy of her own freedom.  The kicker is she hasn't done anything to deserve it.   She's been through quite the wringer since they last saw each other.
The book starts out with Ashley making a bold move with Alex, which was quite the surprise.
And even though I knew she was desperate, at first I thought, "I'm not sure if I'm going to like this heroine."  But I held on, as the author released details a step at a time and things became more clear.

I've read quite a few books in this Series and I find I still want to read some more of them.  I will get my chance when the next one is released.  It has to do with Nathan's story, "Relentless".  The charming womanizer, who was in this story a little bit and has an quick sneek peek, of his story at the end of this book.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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