Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Prince"s Baby (Secret Baby Book 4) by [Niles, Naomi]
Prince James isn’t ready to settle down. So when the sexy royal heads to the United States for some party-boy-style R&R and meets the enticing April Edmonds at a club in Vegas, he’s looking for fun, not love. He’s more than ready to claim her for the night, and then a second. But, when he gets called home by the queen, he leaves immediately, without saying goodbye.

Unfortunately for poor April, he left behind more than she bargained for. Within weeks of his abrupt departure, her grief at his abrupt disappearance becomes panic, when she realizes she’s pregnant. She endeavors to go through it alone, but when James finds out about the baby, his whole world changes, and with his power and money, April discovers that he can still change hers too.

Despite stubbornness and lack of trust between the couple, their attraction and shared love of little baby Penny binds them together. But will it be enough for them to live happily ever after?  AMAZON 2 STARS 

The main story in book, Prince's Baby, just wasn't my cup of tea.   Quick sex, and lots of sex, kind of made me feel like I was in a porn story.  It was hard for me to believe the insta-love that April supposedly feel into with James.  Insta- lust yes, and there was that.  But the same day she sleeps with him, she thinks she loves him?   No, just no.

There are 2 Bonus stories and I think that Physical by Erin Wes is probably the best of all three.   Although there was more than one time that I wanted to smack both of the M.C.'s right in the head. Other than that I did like both MC.'s on their own.  Kyle went through some pretty serious stuff and those parts made the story interesting. He was a good guy.  Amber was going through her own crisis but there were times I REALLY wanted to smack her for sure.  Felt like she made some really dumb choices.    Once or twice I thought, geez,is she stupid or what?    In the end you can see some benefit to be had with one of her decisions, but I still didn't like it.  Kyle & Amber finally do get their HEA but it won't come easy.
The second bonus book was called, Blind Love by Erin Wes.   It had an interesting start but for me wasn't all that interesting afterwards.  Probably also had to do with the fact that it was about 2 young people in High School.  The boy, Dylan was the one from the wrong side of the tracks and the girl, Taylor was privileged.  It ends on cliffhanger and you get more of their story in the next book.

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