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Give Me A Texas Ranger by [Thomas, Jodi, Broday, Linda, Pace, Dewanna, Miranda, Phyliss]
Born to protect and serve, these rugged lawmen are the stuff of Texas legend. New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas teams up with Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda and DeWanna Pace to bring you four red-blooded Rangers and the women who tame their hearts. . ..

Give Me A Texas Ranger

When Annalane Barkley whispers her dreams to Wynn McCord, the Texas ranger has a new battle on his hands. For the sweet beauty's words awaken his every protective instinct and he knows he's found a woman worth fighting for. . . When Stoney Burke finds Texanna Wilder in need of rescue, he's caught between his hardened heart and his duty to his best friend's lovely widow. Marriage is merely a solution to keep Texanna safe, but Stoney is suddenly aching for the wedding night. . . Forced to take feisty Ella Stevenson into custody, Hayden McGraw has his hands full. But when he discovers the spitfire is on his side of the law, they're soon working as a team--up close and very personal. . . Thomas Longbow only plans to use Laney O'Grady as his cover on his latest assignment. But the passion that explodes between them threatens to expose his plot--and his heart. . 
.AMAZON  4 STARS A mixed bag of stories.
Some I liked better than others. 

The Ranger's Angel by Jodi Thomas-  I liked the book, good characters and good story-line.  Actions, some surprises,  overcoming seemingly overwhelming odds together.  Wynn is a tough Texas Ranger, who also can be tender as well, which surprises even him. At least when it comes to Annalane, who he often calls Anna.  That doesn't mean that he talks all that much, he is the picture of " a man of few words." And he hates her northern accent, so that means even less words are exchanged in the beginning.   Annalane is also tough in her own way, she's also used to being undervalued and viewed as a too tall woman.  Very few people seem to understand or appreciate her.   Wynn, seems to be the first.  He thinks she's beautiful and very courageous.  She sure had some unexpected life experiences; being a nurse during the war.  She was skilled and had been part of some pretty scary times.  Her brother was another briefly seen person.  Good, because he was a selfish clod.

Also includes:
"Undertaking Texas" by Linda Broday- Different from what I was expecting but I liked it.  4 STARS

"One woman One Ranger" by Phyliss Miranda- An interesting cast of unusual people with hidden agenda's.  Ella was a strong woman trying to keep things together.  She had some people helping her and some who weren't.   Twists, turns and surprises.  4 STARS

The Perfect Match by DeWanna Pace-  Not quite my cup of tea although it was pretty well written.  I think it had more to do with the boxing element in it.  And for some reason I didn't get all that drawn into the main characters.  3 STARS

The M.C.'s in each story gets their HEA's but for the most part it was fun watching them getting there.

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