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Dark Rules (The DARK Files Book 3) by [Vaughan,Susan]
Maverick DARK officer Simon Byrne, undercover on a Caribbean island, must stop an international arms dealer's sale of uranium that could trigger a world war. Simon's mission goes sideways when the woman he once failed to protect is assigned as his tech officer. Vowing to keep her safe, he fights the smoldering heat between them because distraction could cost their lives. But despite his personal rule of no entanglements, she's in his head...and in his heart.
By-the-book Janna Harris is determined to prove herself in the field and uncover whether her late husband, who sold to the arms dealer, also betrayed his government. A treason investigation could expose Janna's own secrets. Her attraction to Simon wars with her pledge never to allow another man into her life. But can she walk away from the only man who could heal her battered soul?
Emotions and danger collide as the powder-keg deadline ticks down on their mission--and their survival.

"INTENSE", is what I would call it.  But in a good way, I really enjoyed it!  I've also really been enjoying the heck out of this Series.  I have to admit I did have some reservations about getting this story.  What was it?  Well in Book 2, Simon was in it briefly but he didn't sound like he was necessarily a stand up guy. A bit of a rebel wildcard yes, but a lot of questions about him and his ways of getting things done. The people around him perceived him that way.  But the sneak peek of this book, really did get me interested.  I am beginning to see a bit of a pattern here, underestimating  a person because they are in the book in a minor way. Then when you read their story it's pretty darn good.  There is also a quick look into the next book at the end of this one.   It's called "Dark Vengeance", and it has  agent Jack Thorne in it.  He comes across in other books as a stern, unsmiling, no nonsense kind of man.  But once again, I believe there will be more to him and his story too.  OK, enough on that.  Now onto more of what I thought of this book.

I loved both of the main characters, yes they are so different.  I liked how they worked together.  As a reader I could see how much they complimented each other even as they fought it.  Both had very good reasons to fight that attraction, up to and including that they were on a dangerous mission.  I really enjoyed the humor when it cropped up. And the surprising sensitivity that Simon began to show towards Janna.   He often mixed it with gentle humor which was fun. And Simon calling her "Q"?  Priceless. There was one statement in the book, that  I thought stated a part of who he was pretty well. "He rebelled against authority, even when he was part of the authority." Wow, both of them carried scars that carried a lot of pain.  Janna carried quite a bit that very few people knew about.  I loved her being a beautiful, smart geek.    So, if you are thinking that this is all just romance, sex and  about the pain life had dealt out to these two, you'd be wrong.  There was action, danger, mystery, surprises and plenty of evil guys.   The evil guys were clear cut without there being too many to keep track off.  And there will be a few surprise twists towards the end of the book too. 

I received this book for an honest review.  

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