Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ministry of Intercession- Kenneth E. Hagin Prophecy

"My friends this is a prophecy given through Kenneth E. Hagin regarding Prayer-

'I can hear the Spirit of God saying, 
“Hear and hear ye well,
for you see, responsibility is upon your shoulders.
Responsibility is upon the followers of Christ to loose those
around them from grave clothes to which they are bound. T
They’ll never be loosed until you loose them.”

“Oh, I wish I could do something for the Lord.
I wish God would call me to preach.”
Enter into the ministry of prayer.
But yea, saith the Lord, the greatest ministry of all is
the ministry of prayer. 
The greatest ministry of all is the ministry of intercession. 
All the other ministries will fail unless the intercessors
will take their places and will stand against the forces of darkness
and the forces of evil and will intercede and will help to bring to birth the move of the Spirit, the revival, the manifestation of God’s power and bring to birth the ministries that God desires, supernatural ministries to be in manifestation in the Church.
But it will take those who will travail. 
It will take those who will bring to birth those ministries.
 And often times, the one who stands to minister, many will look upon him and think, “Oh he’s a mighty man of God and he should get all the benefit.” 
But, you see, the reward will not go to him;
he was not the one who gave birth to it. 
He is the result of the birth. 
The birth was caused by those who had travailed,
until that was brought forth what God desired to bring forth.
So in this day, in this hour, there is a work of God that has not yet been wrought. 
Oh yes, He was in the move of the healing revival,
He was in a move and men prayed and brought about the revival that we call the Charismatic Move in the denominational church, in the Catholic Church… 
and what a mighty move.
But, you see, you stand, saith the Spirit of God, on the threshold,
at the door of another move of God. 
Will it be brought forth? 
Shall I bring it to the birth and not bring it forth?
O, saith the Lord of Hosts, 
when Zion travailed, she brought forth her children. 
You see, it is not just the Lord that will bring forth the move, 
for He moves through men. 
He uses His Church to do His work in the earth.
It is instigated by the Spirit; but, you see, it is Zion that travails. 
So travail ye, travail ye!
Oh, ye intercessors, travail!
Ye intercessors, travail!
Seek ye the face of the Lord.
Give yourself unto the Lord, 
and you’ll bring forth that which God desires to do in these days,
and you’ll be glad and the reward will be great. 
And how marvelous shall be the results thereof!
Hallelujah to Jesus!

That’s what the Spirit of God is saying. Will we listen to Him?'"

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