Thursday, January 15, 2015



Come back to the La Boheme bistro, there are stories still to be told. This one centers around Cyril; a very talented musician who touched people when he sang and played guitar.  He was ganing more and more popularity when a sudden, disastrous accident causes him to lose everything.  Well, everything to him.                         
Now that he is blind, he has no desire to to write, sing or play music anymore.  He barely makes it through each new day.  Still, he does have a friend or two and they get together at this bistro. That is where he also suddenly meets a mysterious woman who seems oddly attentive to him. Is she just a fan?  Or is it something else?
I liked this story, it was sweet even amidst the very serious situation and grief that Cyril was going through.  He had a whole new life to adjust to and the author wrote well about the problems that he was facing.  The information about Emma and her motives were releashed in a good way; I thought.  A little here and a little there.  There was a bit of a surprise when you find out what is really going on with Emma.  In some ways parts of the story might be viewed as somewhat predictable but I liked how the story was written to get there.  But I'm not telling you too'll have to read that for yourself.  
I really like the family/friends type feel of the bistro, and how the stories are linked in that setting, so I will continue to read.  
Just as a side note, I really did like the cover picture for the Book also.  

I received this ARC book FREE for an honest review.  

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