Thursday, January 15, 2015


There is a place called "The Keep"; a place where magic has many doorways.  One of those doorways is "The Book of Fables."  Fate Floyd finds herself drawn to her grandmother's old bookstore.  She was drawn there by a spell from the Guardian of the Keep who has an agenda all of her own.  One day she is a novelist, who at seventeen is gaining popularity and the next, she is suddenly thrown into the terrors inside the Book of Fables. 
She isn't thrown in through that portal by herself either,  Finn is a stranger she encounters in the bookstore, who seems so familiar.  Now its up to the both of them to go through the 8 horrible fairytales and make each have a "happy ever after" ending so opposite of what they are now.  It's the only way out of the Book; that and bringing back a magical object.  As the fables continue, something dark is growing; trying to break free and destroy everything.  Is anyone getting out of the Book, alive?   
This was really quite the story; I thought the origional fairytales I remember as a child had some dark parts to them.  In the description of this book its called a dark fantasy, yes, that is the truth for sure. It opens with action right out of the gate, with wild characters, wild creatures and wild atmospheres.  Fate, and Finn were people easy to begin to care for.  I also liked the people who ended up being friends as they went along their adventure.  Especially interesting friends are, Sithias and Gerdie.  I have to admit it was a well written story; with twists, turns and suprises a plenty.  Even the ending was a surprise; many things were dealt with.  It also ended with a cliffhanger of sorts; a clifffhanger with hope.  It leaves an opening for Book 2 to take you further into the adventure; is you so desire. 
Oh, just a note of warning for those who want to know...there is gore, blood included with the battles that they waged.  A Good vs Evil kind of story. 

 I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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