Friday, January 30, 2015


 Casper Christiansen and  Raina Beaumont have a history; what others called a summer romance.  Nothing serious; but it was so much more. Until things blew up and Casper ran.  But he's home now and ready to try again with Raina.   But Raina has a secret.  She is pregnant and who the father is only makes things worse.  Casper wants to leave again but his family needs his help.  His brother Derek is in over his head trying to reopen the family resort.  No matter how he tries to move on, like Raina tells him to, he just keeps thinking of her all the time. 

I  really, really liked this story and the way it was written. The story just seemed to fly by.  It turned out its not only about the struggle that Casper and Raina went through but also Derek and his family too.  Derek, his wife Ivy and son Tiger figured more into the story than I had originally thought they would.  But I enjoyed it; as well as the other members of the Christiansen family.  Casper had spent part of his life as an archaeologist on a dig before returning home and I liked how the author worked that treasure seeking spirit into a different treasure hunting search; the mystery of Duncan Rothe.  The feelings on both Casper and Raina's part I felt pretty quickly; speaks to good writing.  On a side note, as I was reading the author's Acknowledgements page made me smile, it was warm and quirky without being cheesy. 
Next came a short letter to Casper from his mother; she called him The Middle Child and it was a touching read.  
Yes, this is a Christian novel but without being heavy handed which I believe makes it a story that many will enjoy was well.  The author isn't afraid to weave God as an important part of the story but did it with style in my opinion.  It wasn't the whole story. 

Tyndale House Publishers gave me a FREE copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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