Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lord is there a Place to Protest the Darkness?

Lord, is there a place to protest the darkness?

 Are we permitted to be afraid? 

There is much within us that remains unhealed... Is 

there voice to our pain?

our questions? our struggle with sin? 

Mere human reason offers cold consolation in the

presence of burning sorrow, loss, confusion, and 


 O Lord, protect us so that when we struggle against 

pain or recoil from darkness,

we do not unwittingly find ourselves struggling 

against you. 

Help us to accept what we cannot change, but even 

more help us never lose hope in the power of your 


 Give us your heart of compassion and sympathy for 

all who are hurting this hour. 

And may we never be ashamed; may we never grow 

bitter; may our sorrow lead us from strength to 

strength, and may you use our suffering for good. 


  Hebrew for Christians

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