Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thunder Dog- deserves high marks

Thunder dog by Michael Hingson with Susy Flory, is a true story of a blind man, his Guide Dog and his life before, during and after the shocking attack on America on 9/11. The foreword in this book is done by Larry King, who does an excellent job of setting up the reader, in a good way for this story. The author shares not only what happened to himself and his guide dog during the long ordeal of escape but shares the also the events of others who he encountered on that journey. Also woven in are “flash backs” of sorts; stories; glimpses into his life growing up that prepared him for much of what was to come. Here is one of his quotes , it says alot about the man; and his faith in God:
"God does not present insurmountable problems. Instead, he gives us challenges, waits for us to overcome them, and then rejoices."   Michael Hingson

 This book was a joy to read and deserves everyone of the 5 stars I gave it. Despite the serious events described in this book, it has such an overcoming attitude to it. The stories of his childhood, and adulthood before 9/11 were blended skillfully within the whole book. Often when we read things like this, jumping back and forth in time, it can feel choppy. This was not; it had a smooth flow to it. His description of the Shepherd's role in the natural and the parallels with Jesus, our Shepard was insightful. Would I call this book, inspiring? YES!  His “Why Not ?” attitude when he was told he/a blind person couldn’t do something, will open the eyes of some of the sighted who read this. 

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