Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Extreme Makeover- part 2

The enemy has tried to abort this generation from entering
 into their promise land but I am taking this generation,
and I am going to cross them over into a new place.
So it shall be that they shall go into that new place and they shall flow
in My grace. They shall flow in the spirit and they shall know My
 voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow.
 I have put within them a hunger for the supernatural.
This was put within them from before the foundations of the earth,
remember saith the Lord, those who I call I equip.
 And I have equipped them.
They have the equipment, the desire, and the tenacity to live
 in these days. Remember what I said in My Word,
where sin abounds grace does so much abound.
And the grace of God is going to arise from within this generation,
 have expression, gain entrance into the lives of their peers.
So expect a miracle saith the Lord.
 Expect a miracle in your nation.
Expect a miracle in and among your youth.
 Expect miracles in your church gatherings
 and even on the streets.
 For I am a God of the miraculous.
 Keep the switch of faith turned on,
 speak my Word and I will confirm My word with signs following.

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