Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Extreme Makeover-part 1

A friend, Diana shared info from this ministry
 and I am sharing a word of the Lord from their Prophetic Corner.
This prophesy came forth through Margie in one
 her meetings on April 18, 2004.
I can hear the Lord saying,
'I am going to change the face of the church in America.
I am going to give the church in America an extreme makeover.
The churches in America have formed their own tradition,
and their own way of doing things. I am about to interject
and interrupt your programs, your outlines, and your form of godliness
I can see and I can hear the Lord getting ready to utter His voice
before His great army. This move of God is going to come
 from a different way, from a different vein.
 He is going to interrupt our services.
 'And the day is coming
when the Spirit of might, power and grace is going to fall
 on many congregations in America. This is not going to be
 by might, not by programs, not by a certain song,
its going to come by My Spirit says the Lord. For where sin
 abounds, My grace is going to so much more abound.
Many have said that America is going down, but I see from
a different perspective says the Lord. The church in America
 is arising, and she is coming up on her feet.
 She is beginning to stand, take her place and she is beginning to shine.
My glory is arising and My glory is shining through My church,
My people, My chosen ones, those who are called by My name.
 The Spirit of might is going to demonstrate Himself
in the churches in America with the miraculous, yeah
 signs and wonders and miracles. The gift of faith and working of miracles.
 Miracles are going to begin to flow in the midst of the congregations,
 no one will touch them, for the Spirit of the Lord will touch them
 and no man will get the glory,because the Spirit of the Lord will come
upon them and He will heal them.
And so it shall be, you shall see in the church in America,
 I am going to give her an "extreme makeover."
What I keep seeing is there are so many television shows in the secular
 world about these extreme makeovers. God is saying, 'This is just
a counterfeit of what I am doing in the church, for I am going to work
 a work in this generation that if it were told you, some of you would say
 'this is like a dream.' ' The dreams that I dreams says the Lord
are those that come true.
 For I am not a man that I should lie, neither the son of man
 that I should repent.
 The glory of this latter house, which is the time that you live in is going
to greater than that of the former, which is the time of the early church.
For these are  the last days says the Lord, and I said in My word
 that I would pour out of My Spirit.'
I see it like a dam, and there is a crack in the dam. I see the crack slowly
 getting bigger and bigger. Opening up wider and wider, then suddenly
 water being poured out...a great door of revival being opened.
 A great revival bursting forth in our nation
. Don't say no-no-no- 'it can't be'!
But say, 'Yes! be it unto me according to your Word.'
Even as Mary who looked at the impossible and said,
 'how can these things be, seeing I know not a man?'
And the angel said unto her, 'The Holy Spirit...
The Holy Spirit... The Holy Spirit will come upon thee and the power
 of the Most High shall over shadow thee...
and so shall the Holy Spirit come upon this nation.
And I am about to do a new thing in and among the youth,
 for I am raising up a generation of  young people
who have been called and chosen to live in a time such as this.
 For many have set themselves like a flint and have decided
 that they are going to follow Me, and in all of their ways
acknowledge Me. I am not only going to bring direction to them,
but I am going to anoint them with the fresh oil of My presence.
 And they too are going to arise and shine with a strategic message
 to their generation. And they shall come forth as mighty men and
woman of valor. Many of these young ones shall move in the prophetic
as those who have been seasoned with time and maturity,
and even tho they are young, their seasoning has come from
what I put with in them from before they were formed in their mothers
womb. It is My Fathers good pleasure to see them walking in the Truth,
and walking out their fore ordained destinies. They shall be given divine
 inspiration of My Spirit, and they shall speak as a oracle of God.
And many will say, 'they are only a youth yea even a child.'
But young people be bold and be strong! Say not yourselves,
 ' I am only a child, for you shall go where ever I send you
and you shall speak what ever I put with in you to speak.'
 And these young people will not be afraid of the faces of men,
 for their desires will be only to please Me. They will not look to the right
 or to the left, their faces will be set like a flint with divine purpose
 and direction from My throne room of grace. For great grace is upon the
 youth of this land, and so it shall be that I will ordain many
. For I am raising up a standard against the enemy.
The enemy has tried to abort..
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