Monday, July 25, 2011

MORE than Conquerors- Pt. 1

In God's economy (Kingdom) In order to receive anything;
you have to believe it first.

Joyce (aprox.15:30 on download) says
If you think you don't have to work at this your wrong.
"Who do you think I talk to alot?"
She said "Me".
She talks to herself all day. 
I am the righteousness in Christ Jesus,
devil you shut up,
I'm not going to put up with your lies!
I hear from God;
I am anointed!
I am blessed; I am a blessing everywhere I go.
You're going to run your mouth anyway, you might as well do it in a way that's gonna do some good!
Earlier she said, its time for Christians to stop falling down at every little thing.
And staying there.
It takes a bus-load of Christians to get you up-
and then at the slightest thing-down you go again.
Joyce Meyer

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