Wednesday, March 14, 2018


The Sheikh's Borrowed Baby (More Than He Bargained For Book 7) by [Rayner, Holly]
He needed a baby to close a business deal,
But Sheikh Karim is about to get way more than he bargained for…

Karim Al-Ahsan has a problem; he’s caught in a lie, having told an old-fashioned business partner that he’s a family man, with a wife and baby of his own. Now with little option other than to find and hire a mother and son to portray his family, Karim searches for the perfect candidates to prove that he’s a man of integrity…

Hallie Jameson is a single mom, working double-shifts to make ends meet. When a charismatic stranger saunters into her life, offering her an enormous check for just one evening of her and her son’s time, she’s powerless to resist. Swept away for a weekend of luxury, and a brief taste of how the other half live, this Philadelphia nurse soon realizes that she doesn’t want the fantasy to end.

As Karim falls deeper into his lie—and as Hallie falls ever deeper for her fake husband—it soon becomes clear that neither party will walk away unscathed. Can Karim figure out that this little family isn’t just a prop in his spun fiction, but a warm and precious treasure, that’ll finally make him whole?

This is a Sheikh romance novel from best-selling author Holly Rayner. It contains a guaranteed HEA, and a tale of romance that will capture your heart.   AMAZON 3 STARS

This book was a sweet, charming one.   I liked how the friendship began to develop between Karim and Hallie. Baby Aaron also began to grow on Karim quickly too.  Karim wasn't afraid to interact with him.  
Both of the main characters were honorable people to entered into a dishonorable set up.  The lie didn't really sit that well with either one of them which is to their credit.  But they did follow through with it and got to know each other which leads to a  H.E.A.

Hallie's mom and Dad added to the story as well.
There was plenty of wealth available to Karim but so many times he didn't meet the preconceived idea  of a Sheikh.    Often in the story it was easy to forget he was one.  Probably because he was so well written and made him easier to relate to.

By the way I thought the cover for the eBook was really attractive.

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