Sunday, March 18, 2018

BOOK REVIEW- MAGGIE'S BEAU by Carolyn Davidson

Maggie's Beau by [Davidson, Carolyn]
On the run from a nightmarish life, Maggie had the power to stir feelings of forever in rancher Beau Jackson's soul. From the first moment, he knew he loved this sweet-spirited gamin, but would she ever feel anything more for him than gratitude?

She must have died and gone to heaven, Maggie O'Neill swore, for Beau Jackson treated her with all the kindness and respect only a genuine lady deserved. But how was she to know if what she felt for him was love?   AMAZON  4 stars

I liked this book and it's main characters.  I got pulled in pretty quickly to the emotions that Maggie felt.  It wasn't just told, I believe it was shown pretty clearly..  She was such a hard worker who had never experienced much approval in her life.  She pretty much said she was almost born with a pitchfork in her hand and was always working hard with it.  Her father was beyond brutal, as well as selfish and stingy.  Her mother loved her but she couldn't help much because she was suffering abuse as well.  Later on her mother would admit that her husband worked her girls like slaves.  And it sure sounded like it too. 

Beau was such a good guy and it was sweet to watch how tender he was with her at times. 
He was kind to her yes, but he also was a hard worker and he was respectful of Maggie and often understood her need not to be beholding to anyone. The more he got to know her, the more he cared for her.  He was also able to help her learn some things that she had missed out on.

There were several really good secondary characters and that includes some animals as well.
There is a twist or two in the story which finally leads to a H.E.A.

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