Saturday, September 9, 2017

BOOK REVIEW- DREAM ME by Kathryn Berla

Dream Me by [Berla, Kathryn]
Every night Babe dreams of a boy she’s never met before named Zat. But Zat is no ordinary daydream. He’s actually a human from the distant future, who has travelled back in time to be with Babe in the only way that he can be—in her dreams. But the dreams leave Babe more and more tired and pained each morning. Zat is determined to help her, even if it means never sharing dreams with her again.AMAZON

A good YA story.  It's different, definitely different.  Both Babe and Zat are interesting characters. Zat brought surprise after surprise. But not in an overwhelming way.  He was kind of out of step with the people of his time.  He was a dreamer and he wanted different things.  He was also willing to take a risk that others weren't willing to.  Babe was a gutsy, fun person, who got used to having to move around as her dad found work as a golf pro.  She learned to adapt to new places and people. There were times that Babe wondered if she was going crazy or had a brain tumor.  Was any of it with Zat real?
As things go along, the challenges that they face made me really wonder how things could ever work out for them.  Would they work out or were they headed to disaster?  I thought that more than once.

Mai, LeGrand and Alfonso were some good people who were added to Babe's life.  Young people with dreams, skills and problems all their own.
This book does have a twist at the end.  Part I was hoping for and the other part was a complete surprise.
This book was a clean story with some good world building when it came to the future Earth.

I received a copy of this book via Netgalley and this is my honest opinion of it.

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