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A new look at one of the  most famous, favorite books of the Bible.  The story of Hadassah or Esther as most of  us know her.  Tommy Tenney, takes the reader into the preparation of Esther.  She went from  a beautiful, outsider, to the position of Queen.  It didn't happen overnight and according to the laws and customs the the land, she should never have even had that opportunity.  Read and discover how this isn't just a great story that we enjoy.  It also has parallels to our own position in life!

Tommy makes a great point about all little girls want to be a Princess (at some time or other) and the culture of our times have encouraged it (and I'd say sold to it) .  He also points out maybe we should look deeper.  Its something that God may have planted inside us too.  This is a different angle that I hadn't thought about.  That deep desire to be Princesses (and may I say Queen's)  and Kings, is a Ruling Mentaility that comes from the Kingdom of God.
I like how in each chapter there is a "Protocal of the Palace" numbered in a box off to the side.  There is also a few "boxes" or squares with some main points on the side as well.  Great in getting the readers attention and re-inforcing a great point.  In fact there are so many good points about this book, there is no way I can list very many.  One that I will share is, his comments about so many people are drawn to power and prestige, devoting all their energies in getting what gifts they can from the one in power.   I looked at this as another way of saying,  "Seek His Face and not His Hands." Tommy also shared a couple of stories that I had read in a previous book, which he readily acknowledges.  But he's right, it needed to be re-told because it fit prefectly with what he was talking about.
I have long been a fan of Tommy Tenney and enjoyed many of his previous books.  He has the ability to stir back up the fire of faith that may have lain dormant for awhile.   He also causes me to think about and look at scripture from more directions than I had ever done before; I personally like that.  I would call this a Read and Chew Book.  You , know, read some, think some and repeat again.
An enjoyable process.

I received this book FREE from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

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