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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Miracle Testimony with Roger Webb

Miracle Testimony with Roger Webb
Something Like Warm Honey Flows Through Her Body!
As I was leaving WALMART one day, I walked by a woman and felt that I should pray for her, but for some reason I just continued to walked on out to my car. Sitting there, I prayed and asked the Lord where I should go. I got nothing. I sat there for a couple minutes, and I heard the Lord say, “Roger go back and pray for that woman.” So, I quickly headed back into the store and looked for her. When I found her, she was at the Burpee seed rack right by the checkout counter in the garden section. It was not the right place for prayer for it was congested with people waiting in line to check out. I waited for what seemed like forever for her to move to a better location. Finally, I just gave up and walked around a corner a couple aisles away and asked Holy Spirit to have her come to me. Within twenty seconds, she came around the corner and stopped right in front of me. I looked at her and asked, “Do you need a miracle in your life?”
Just as fast as I said it, she threw her hands and face up in the air and cried out, “YES, LORD, YOU KNOW I NEED A MIRACLE.” I asked her what the miracle was that she needed. She said, "I need repairs done to my house and was praying about it just this morning asking the Lord for help.” She also added that she prays for people all the time and does not pray for her own needs because so many people need prayer.
I told her, “The Holy Ghost has sent me to tell you that God has heard your prayer and He is granting you your request TODAY!”
She once again threw her hand up in the air, jerked around a bit and started yelling out VERY LOUDLY, “THANK YOU, JESUS! THANKS YOU, JESUS.” Then, she jerked a couple more times.
I then asked her if there was anything in her body that needed to be healed. She said that she had sugar diabetes. I told her, “This is your day for a miracle. God is going to heal you.” I laid my hands on her, and when I did, she threw her hands up in the air and started to jerk around again. She was getting louder by the minute praising the Lord. (A couple times, I thought she was going to get slain in the Spirit.) She was on the verge of a right out, Holy Ghost fit. About that time, a man came around the corner, and you should have seen the look on his face when he saw her with her hands raised up in the air praising God. He quickly turned his cart around and took off.
I asked her, “What happened when I laid my hands on you?”
She said, “I felt the power of God like an electrical current shoot through my whole body; it started on the top of my head where you put your hand.” As she was telling me this, she started jerking around again and kept shouting, “THANK YOU, JESUS. THANK YOU, JESUS, FOR HEALING ME.” As she was shouting, all of a sudden, she threw her hands straight out from her sides and said, “I just felt something like warm honey fall on my head, and it is slowly going all the way down through my body.” She just stood there for a while with her eyes shut and her arms still stuck off to her sides as the power of God was touching her.
I told her, “That’s the miracle anointing driving the diabetes out of your body, ma’am.”
We were having church up in that garden section. I left this dear woman as the power of God was touching her body and headed back to my car for another assignment.

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