Thursday, April 19, 2012

Named by God by Kasey Van Norman- It's Okay

Cover: Named by God
This is a book about a woman's walk from simply being raised in the "Bible Belt" and  being around religion to a real walk with Jesus.  She shares in an honest way, the falling down and getting back up that she experienced in this new way of living for and with Jesus. She pinpoints the many times she was humiliated by what happened to her and her own choices as well.   She paints a picture of how valuable we are to the heart of God; even when people hurt us and it LOOKS like God is nowhere around.

I liked the fact that Kasey, used scripture in her book and also took each scripture and enlarged on its meaning in an easy to understand way.  At the end of each chapter there was a short one sentence note that reminded you what the main idea of the chapter was.   There were times,  I'm sorry to say, where it felt a little dry and   was harder to read through.   Its not that the information wasn't good or true.  I guess because at this stage in my life I've already been through much of the forgiveness that she's talking about.  I probably should keep it on hand though; because life isn't over yet and I may just need to be reminded.  One really good thing I was reminded of was asking for the fresh infilling of Holy Spirit every day.  Anyone who is torn between their love for God and keeping their hurts needs to read this.

I was given this book from Tyndale House Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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