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How to pray when Betrayed-by Jennifer Eivaz, "The Praying Prophet"

Are You Being BETRAYED RIGHT NOW? Pray like this . . .
- by Jennifer Eivaz, "The Praying Prophet"

The sting of betrayal can go deep. Here's how I pray when this happens to me... 

"Lord, keep me sweet."

Don't get bitter. Rise above it.

Spiritual atmospheres are real-Jennifer Eivaz

Spiritual atmospheres are real. Pay attention to your feelings and thoughts as you move about your day to different locations. Your thoughts are typically not your thoughts, but a reflection of what is dominating that location. This is key information to help you know how to pray. We then take authority over unclean and unruly atmospheres in Jesus' name. We command kingdom peace and righteousness to come instead. When the atmosphere shifts, your thoughts and feelings will too. That's how you know things have lined up.   LINK

A Fresh Breath From Heaven To Inspire The Prophetic-Bobby Conner

A Fresh Breath From Heaven To Inspire The Prophetic
By Bobby Conner
May 26, 2016
I had been in many long meetings ministering for several weeks in Germany and Switzerland. While in Mannheim, Germany on May 21, 2016, I was extremely tired and I went to my hotel room to rest before the evening meetings. I thought as I drifted off to sleep; I should have set an alarm in order to not over sleep, but I did not.
Falling instantly asleep, I dreamed I was in a beautiful, picturesque, green pasture, laying asleep beside a marvelous little stream of water flowing over huge rocks. The fast rushing waters made the most wonderful refreshing sounds. In the dream I was so peaceful and resting so very well. I dreamed I saw a beautiful angel coming around the tops of the trees. He kneeled down by me and started softly blowing on my face, just enough to awaken me. His breath was fresh, fragrant, and gentle, yet strong and wonderful.
Suddenly, I am back at my hotel room in bed. As I have my eyes closed, I am reflecting about the dream and pondering the appearance and actions of the angel. When suddenly I feel on my face the breath again, only this time in my room. Quickly, I open my eyes to behold an amazing angel leaning over me and blowing the breath of heaven upon me. Only this time the breath was coming out of his nostrils not his mouth. The breath was forceful, extremely pleasant, and really refreshing.
Shocked and surprised at the visitation, I asked the heavenly Messenger; “What is this encounter about?” To which he quickly replied in an excited tone; “A fresh wind of Discernment is being released for the Prophetic!” I questioned; “why were you breathing upon me from your nostrils and not your mouth?” Again, he responded; “the nostrils speak of discernment!”
Praise the LORD! He is sending a fresh breath from heaven to awaken, refresh, and refine prophetic discernment. Truly, this is a season of increase and enhanced sensitivity. May we clearly echo 1 Samuel 3:10. May our prayer be: “Speak Lord, Your servants are listening!”
Bobby Conner    LINK

Possessing the Land Pt. 3 | Dr. Bill Winston Believer's Walk of Faith

Kent Simpson: 'Appointed Angels in Your Life'

Kent Simpson: 'Appointed Angels in Your Life'

May 29, 2016

"Appointed Angels in Your Life"by Kent Simpson, Gainesville, Texas

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzAngels are very real...and they are here to minister to us. There are so many accounts of how angels assisted those mentioned in the Bible in many circumstances...and some you will read about here in Kent Simpson's article.
Kent shares:
There are so many references to angels in the Bible. If you were to look up all of the encounters, you would surely be blessed to know that angels are still here ministering for us. They are making sure that the word of God is fulfilled in your life.
That is reassuring! I encourage you to read this word and ask the Lord to show you just how His angels are ministering in your life!
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News

"Appointed Angels in Your Life"by Kent Simpson, Gainesville, Texas

Tabernacle of Angels
In 1991, Oral Roberts prophesied that many people would begin to have encounters with the Lord's angels in the years to come. Since that time, there have been a number of documentaries in which common people have testified about their experiences with angels. A weekly television series called Touched by an Angel was created in this same decade and has been viewed by millions. There have been virtually hundreds of editorials, books, and devotionals written, even calendars printed, which give witness to the presence of angels in our midst.

There is Biblical evidence that angels can also create mass destruction. Sodom and Gomorrah were consumed by fire, but it was not an ordinary fire. God's wrath manifested by His angels annihilated these two cities. Today, archaeologists are still trying to locate the exact location where these sinful cities once flourished.

Elisha and his servant witnessed the presence of angels when they were surrounded by their enemy, who had come to kill them. Elisha was not afraid. Why? Because he saw thousands of angels standing behind his enemy, ready to protect him and his servant in the spirit realm (2 Kings 6:15-18).

Territorial Angels
There are territorial angels of God as well as spirits of the evil one. The Church is a great place to find angels. A pub or bar is a good place to find a demon. There are also countries with a large number of angel or demon inhabitants, depending on their religion.
Have you ever walked into a service and felt power hit you? That was the presence of the Lord's angelic host. Ever been caught up in praise and worship and felt someone touch you, yet when you opened your eyes there was no one there? Maybe you have experienced goosebumps while in praise and worship. All of these events are angelic encounters.
Now that we have all these angelic beings with us, we must ask, "Why they are here?" Our Lord Jesus is setting the stage where many of us will find ourselves being the voice of His commandments to these angels who have massive powers.
Appointed Angels of God
What father would not come to the defense of his children, knowing he had the power to protect them? Here again, allow me to ask this question of those who are shepherds of a portion of God's flock. Do you feel called to stand aside and do nothing if you witness the enemy of God destroying what you have been placed over to protect? Our Lord has empowered you to use His power to do all that you can to protect and preserve the Church.

It will not be long before we start seeing many of these appointed angels of God raising the dead on the word of those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is proclaiming from His throne. Others will stand in the midst of a deadly storm and command it to be still by the word of the Lord - and it will. Whatever you can think of as being a miracle, you will soon begin to be a part of the signs and wonders taking place daily across the nation and in other lands.

Maybe you thought that all these years we have been equipping the saints for the work of the ministry and learning to pray, hear, and obey, was all just to bless the Church. Well, you would be wrong! We have just begun to see all that He has proclaimed that you and I will do! Because greater works we shall do than these, says He! (John 14:12).

Angels of Our Lord
When Jesus was born in a manger, there was an army raised to find Him. Every child two years old or under was to be slaughtered because King Herod heard that a king was born. Herod feared losing his position.
An angel appeared unto Joseph and Mary and warned them to leave Judea because Herod sought the life of their newborn son. They left and stayed away for a number of years. Eventually, an angel appeared to them again and let them know that it was safe to return, for King Herod was dead. This was just the beginning of many encounters with angelic hosts in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

When Jesus stood before those who were to judge Him on Earth, Pontius Pilate said to him, "Do You not know that I hold Your life in my hands? I can give life or I can take it" (see John 19). Jesus replied that Pilate did not know what he was talking about. Jesus knew He had thousands of angels at His disposal at He said, "Do you think I cannot call on My Father, and He will at once put at My disposal more than twelve legions of angels?"(Matthew 26:53). At His word, the angels could have destroyed everything.

When Jesus walked into a city, people came from everywhere to seek Him. Jesus did not have to advertise His presence. People just showed up in the middle of nowhere because the angels of the Lord gathered them. Many times Jesus could not find a place to be alone so that He could seek the will of the Father. These encounters are important to us because they are examples of how our lives should be. We are not to worship or pray to angels, but they are there as ministering spirits to minister for us.

Acts 12 tells the story of when Peter was in prison and the congregation was praying for his safe return. An angel went to the prison and struck Peter to wake him up. The angel told him to get his things, then led him out of prison. Peter came to the house where they were praying for him and knocked on the door. A girl peeped out and saw Peter but did not let him in; instead, she went to tell the others he was there. They replied that it could not be Peter at the door, so it must be his angel. Why would they say such a thing?

There are so many references to angels in the Bible. If you were to look up all of the encounters, you would surely be blessed to know that angels are still here ministering for us. They are making sure that the word of God is fulfilled in your life. It should be an effortless deed to walk in the supernatural! When you believe and understand an appointed angel's purpose is to minister for you, your life begins to flow in the supernatural.
Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet
Prophetic Ministries Today

Kent Simpson is a prophetic pastor and is the founder and senior pastor of Prophetic Ministries Tabernacle – a gathering place for the prophetic people of God to unite for the sole purpose of being used as vessels for the Holy Spirit to speak through. Prophetic Ministries Today is devoted to the truth that Jesus is not dead but alive and He speaks if you have an ear to hear the Spirit. His website is filled with prophetic teachings which will help you understand the process of "hearing" God for yourself as well as others. The Lord wants you to pray, hear, and obey Him because the Holy Spirit is the only One who can truthfully lead you into the abundant life Jesus promised us.

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Do U Know Who Owns the Fence? (pic)


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I hear His whisper... "I am the One who leads you through life.

I hear His whisper...
"I am the One who leads you through life. I have My hand upon you and I will not fail to guide you into the perfect path I have chosen for you. Many are the doors I have opened for you, for I am your Father and I watch over every part of you and every step you take. When shadows linger on your path I will be there to brighten your way and when you are confused I will make My ways even more clear to you.
When your life is in My hands you will never need to worry about what direction you are to go. It is not a game of "Hide and Seek," searching for My will, as though you had lost it. My choices for your life will prevail and you will one day see how perfectly I have guided you. I have chosen you and because you are Mine, I have commanded My angels to be in charge of your days, protecting and holding you in My ways so that you will not stumble as you walk with Me.
Never doubt My plans for your life. I have made no mistake. You are always in My hands as the one I love. There may have been an earthly father that has forgotten his child, but I will never forget you, for the blood of My Son has made you fully Mine. I have called every star by name, I have measured out the oceans of the earth in the hollow of My hand, I have held the mountains of the earth and unrolled the tapestry of the skies-- I will never forget you or fail to hold you near Me.
Watch as My mysterious ways open up before your eyes. Many have seen My miracles and never learn My mysteries. I will show miracles and mysteries as you keep your heart before Me. My dear child, I am a Father that will never fail you. I will instruct you in the way you should go and you will hear the voice of My Spirit giving you the secrets of My ways. Come closer to Me and I will whisper the words of life that will make you strong and pure for what is to come. I am the One who leads you and I never fail you.
Psalm 25:5 The Passion Translation
Escort me along the way,
take me by the hand and teach me,
For You are the God of my increasing salvation,
I have wrapped my heart into Yours!

I Hear His Whisper..."I see your every act of faithfulness"

I Hear His Whisper..."I see your every act of faithfulness"
So many times you have stepped into the unknown, into the realm of mystery and faith's tension--yet there I was waiting for you. When you leave behind what is certain for the walk of faith, My heart swells with joy over you. Each step of faith will be met with a greater joy, for I see your every act of faithfulness.
Listen and learn this truth, My beloved. I know your loneliness when you abandon all else to seek Me. For I too lived a life of loneliness as I left the whims of others and sought My Father's heart early in the day and late into the night. My loneliness was that only of having few who understood, for I was always the delight of My Father. And so are you, dear one, for the Father has spoken the words over you: I am well pleased with you, for you are wrapped into My Son forever!
I observe your every act of faithfulness, your loving service to Me and expressions of love to others. My comfort and joy is found in you. I give you more grace as you tenderly follow Me. Trust Me and follow in My steps. Never look behind to see who follows you, simply set your gaze ahead and see your great reward of knowing Me in fullness.
Hebrews 6:10 The Passion Translation
"For God, the Faithful One, is not unfair. How can he forget the work you have done for him? He remembers the love you demonstrate as you continually serve his beloved ones for the glory of his name."  LINK

Really?U can't Get Saved Because? (pic)


Joy like a Child (pic)


Mandisa: Good Morning - Official Lyric Video

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Be joyful because He is making us in His image-G. Cooke

God wants every one of us to be joyful because He is making us in His image. That means we have to be as loving as He is, as peaceful as He is, and we must laugh as much as He laughs. He is teaching us to laugh like Him because He lives in everlasting joy!
(from Making A Prophetic Impact)   LINK

Allow the thought of constant blessing to dominate your mind-G. Cooke

Allow the thought of constant blessing to dominate your mind in Christ, so that you are looking them everywhere. In this way you will develop the same mind as Christ and the same approach to life that He enjoys in His partnership with God.
(from Thinking With God)    LINK

Switch to Hosting God-Graham Cooke

At some point the church of Jesus has to stop pursuing the presence of God and start hosting Him. Can we get beyond, "Keep going after God," and stay with Him?! Don't move away from your hope in the Gospel because it's the presence of God that will make a tangible difference in the world around us as He manifests Himself through our hearts, through our voice, and through our hands. A prophet is someone who has invested their own heart in Presence. Who God is for you must govern you.
(from Making A Prophetic Impact)  LINK

Kim Potter: 'The Door is Open – Your Inheritance is a Sure Thing'

Kim Potter: 'The Door is Open – Your Inheritance is a Sure Thing'

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzThis is an incredible dream the Lord gave Kim Potter...not once but twice! You'll see in this word that when God wants to speak a confirming message, He'll often give it more than once as He did with Kim.

In Kim's dream, you'll learn what is rightfully YOURS and what is made available to you. She shares this word from the Lord as she awoke:

As I awoke from this dream the Lord said to me, "The door is open. Your inheritance is a sure thing. Go on in and partake of what is yours."

Now, read this article by Kim and find out just what the Lord showed's truly a message for the Body of Christ in this hour.

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"The Door is Open – Your Inheritance is a Sure Thing"by Kim Potter, Dayton, TN

The Same Dream Twice
It doesn't happen too often, but every now and then God will give me the same exact dream twice in one night. When this happens, it always takes me back to Genesis 41:32, "And the dream was repeated to Pharaoh twice because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass."
Let me share my dream with you. In this dream, I was led to a house and as I walked up to the door, I took hold of the door knob and realized it was unlocked. Timidly, I went into the house. This house, in the dream, belonged to my grandparents and great grandparents and many other family members before them. I knew it was a place that held my inheritance and I knew in my spirit that it was time to take what belonged to me – my inheritance that had been laid up for me.
This was a house that had no limits. What I mean by that is that I walked into room after room, filled with wonderful things, however I never saw the end of the rooms, it just kept going.
In the first dream, I was timid about the inheritance and felt I should gather it and share it with all my other family members, like cousins and aunts, but even in the dream I could feel that wasn't the right perspective. I woke up.
When I went back to sleep I dreamed the same thing again. This time I was amazed and delighted that the door was open and I knew it was opened just for me and that no one else would find this particular door open to them. I knew this because there were people all around and no one else found the door unlocked – this was MY door and MY property and MY inheritance. I was excited!
I quickly went into the house and began gathering the treasured inheritance. There were all kinds of treasures; all from things I enjoy, like antiques, sewing, quilts, jewelry, emeralds, books, journals, kitchen appliances, beautiful pictures and furniture, and there were even valuable treasures for my grandkids.
In this second dream a man was in the house and he kept handing me treasures and saying, "...and this is for you...and this is for your daughter, and this for your grandchildren...and this is for you take this, it's yours..." Treasure after treasure was handed to me. As I looked through the rooms, I was amazed at my inheritance. In every place I found wonderful treasures and I also found money, coins and paper money that was hidden everywhere, in the oddest places. Just like the first dream, this house had no end. It simply went on and on.
As I awoke from this dream the Lord said to me, "The door is open. Your inheritance is a sure thing. Go on in and partake of what is yours."
These words took me back to something I studied a few days ago. I was looking at the word AMEN. I had always been taught that it means "so be it," and that is part of its meaning. However, it also means "a sure thing; something already completed." As the Lord spoke to me that morning, I felt He was putting His AMEN on that dream. It is already done, go on in, the door is open for you.
Scriptures of Our Inheritance
I meditated on this dream for several hours and the Lord took me to several Scriptures, I want to share them with you today.
We have an inheritance in God. Scriptures makes that plain to us.
Ephesians 1:11-14; "In Him also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will, that we who first trusted in Christ should be to the praise of His glory. In Him you also trusted, after you heard the word of truth, the Gospel of your salvation; in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory."
Psalm 37:29, "The righteous shall inherit the land, and dwell in it forever."
Colossians 1:12, "Giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light."
Our inheritance comes through Jesus, who IS THE DOOR, as John 10:9 tells us. Isaiah 22:22 says that Jesus will open doors no man can shut. In my dream, the door was open day and night, BUT only open for me to walk in, as no one else could walk into my inheritance for me, I had to turn the knob and walk in for myself.
Finally, Isaiah 45:3 says, "I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that I, the Lord, who call you by your name, am the God of Israel."
Throughout the dream, as I walked through this place of my inheritance, I was continually finding hidden riches and treasures – just as this Sscripture says, I literally found treasures and money in every room I walked into.
Come and Receive Your Inheritance
To summarize this dream from the Lord. First of all, it was repeated twice because it is established in Christ. Secondly, the door was open and Jesus is saying, "Come on in, it's time; Come in and receive your inheritance."
You see, Jesus said, "I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly." Jesus never intended for His people to live without what they need, but quite the opposite. He said that, "I will give you hidden riches and treasures just because I AM YOUR GOD."
Finally, you simply have to walk through the door without timidity and lay hold of what is yours. There is no battle for it, the battle is already won. Just simply believe and trust God's promises in His Word. He has an inheritance ready for you to take – hidden treasures ready to place into your hands.
Will you walk through the door? Will you lay hold of all that belongs to you today? It's ready NOW, lay hold.
Kim Potter
A New Thing Ministries

In 2005 Kim Potter founded A New Thing Ministries which reaches thousands of readers daily. In addition, Kim speaks at conferences and meetings nationwide. She currently is published often on the Elijah List, as well as her website, and social media. Kim's message is a message of hope, and she speaks to the heart of those who have become discouraged and disappointed by the circumstances they face in life, imparting to them the desire and ability to stand against all odds and see themselves as victorious and able to overcome every obstacle through God. She encourages people to press into God and discover that He is who He says He is. Nothing is more precious to her than the times she spends in the secret place with her God; from this place of oneness with Him, her anointing flows. Kim was ordained through Norvel Hayes Ministry over 20 years ago. It was there that she fell in love with the Lord and began a life of worship. Kim has witnessed God's dramatic healing power, both in her own life as well as with her daughter and many others.

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Nahum 1:9King James Version (KJV)

What do ye imagine against the Lord? he will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time.   BIBLEGATEWAY

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BOOK REVIEW-Reckless (Shattered Sisters Book 1)

True Crime Writer Toni Rio follows a wise guy straight from his brief stint behind bars to his execution in a dirty alley. When his two killers see her witnessing their gruesome work, she runs, but she doesn’t get far. FBI agent Nick Manelli has to keep his cover intact and keep the sexy witness alive, and there’s only one way he can think of to do both. He has to kidnap her.    LINK

What really great main characters.  Toni is one smart, quick thinking woman with many, many talents.  She's also hot tempered.   I liked how it was said that she reminded people of a small Mayan princess.  That fooled more than one person into underestimating her.  At first Nick, just can't figure her out but he does know one thing.  If he can't keep her hidden and under some kind of control, they are both going to die.  She keeps him busy just trying to figure out what she was just to next.  And she saw way too much.  Good twists and turns to the story.

There is also a quick look into another book in the series,"Forgotten."  It looks pretty darn good too.  I think I just might want to get that one too.   It features Joey, Toni's half-sister.  We got to see a bit of Joey in this book, when she shows up when needed.   "Because she knows things".  

Worship Is My Warfare and Praise Is My Weapon

Worship Is My Warfare and Praise Is My Weapon

Mark Virkler's picture

Years ago, my favorite Bible teacher, Derek Prince, showed us this revelation from Scripture:
Have you never read, "Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants you have perfected praise" (Matt. 21:16)?
Jesus was quoting Psalm 8:2, which says: "Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have ordained strength, Because of Your enemies, That You may silence the enemy and the avenger."
So perfected praise is the ordained strength which silences the enemy! Do you need the enemy silenced in your life? If so, enjoy the following journaling from Kirsten Himmelberg.
Kirsten asks: Lord, the easiest, least taxing and least time consuming method I have found to remove the feeling of torment and harassment in the atmosphere and produce peace is worship music.  Please talk to me about this.
Worship is a form of warfare and the enemy hates worship music.  So when you carry your iPod with worship music it silences the voice of the enemy.  The enemy lives in the atmosphere and the music goes into the atmosphere.  You can’t see either but just as light always overpowers darkness the worship music overpowers the feeling of harassment and torment you feel.  When you are at work or sleeping and/or not allowed to have music on, you just turn it down so quiet that only you or no one can hear it, but it produces a subliminal effect in the atmosphere that silences the enemy.  The enemy uses subliminal messages all the time.  Why not shut them out with My messages on the worship music? 
You play the same song over and over because you can feel the positive effects of how it silences the enemy.  But then, after you have heard it so many times that you don’t want to hear it anymore, you turn it down low you can’t hear it anymore, but you are still benefiting from its message which is going into the atmosphere. I laugh at the enemy. 
Worship music is such an easy tactic to produce an atmosphere of harmony in your home and work.  There are so many ungodly subliminal messages on the computer, TV, radio that this is a way to counteract them.  You have used it to remove the ungodly effects in rooms and houses. (When I am cleaning my apartments after tenants leave, and something ungodly has gone on while they were there, I will feel the enemy has a stronghold in the house or a room so I play worship music there 24/7 for days until I feel like it has left. Worship cleaned a house that was occupied by pagans.  After they left the house didn't rent so I prayed over it, filled it with worship music 24/7 and it rented.) 
You can feel how it cleanses the atmosphere and removes ungodly assignments (in addition to praying).  You also had a problem with needing to silence ungodly messages in your mind and clean up your self talk.  Worship music allowed you to have a positive focus on the Lord rather than a negative focus on the past and things of the soul and flesh. It is a much easier and more uplifting tool than yelling at the enemy every day.  You know the enemy sometimes likes the attention he gets for being yelled at.  Because it doesn’t matter how much you yell at him, if someone did something in that room that gave him a right to be there he won’t leave because he has a right to be there.  You can spend hours in prayer trying to discern the right to remove the enemy or you can turn on worship music and make the environment a place he doesn’t want to be.  I laugh at the enemy.  
This tool is so much better for your mind because it is hard to yell at the enemy and not be focused on him and get all stressed and lose your peace.  With worship music the focus is right where it needs to be.  I wish more people would use this tool.  I know that you have heard some of the same songs so many times that you get tired of them, so now you sometimes turn on the audio Bible on Psalms and use it the same way and that is just as good.  The enemy hates My Word, too. 
But you have to be comfortable with what area of Scripture and what form of warfare you are involved in.  You have to choose worship music that you like and stirs your spirit.  If you choose music you hate it creates disharmony in your spirit and it is hard to keep your peace with disharmony in your spirit and for you it can create contempt for the Lord which can backfire in your heart. 
If there is more than one person who is listening, be courteous of the effects it has on your brothers and sisters because you don’t want to create disharmony for them.  If there is an unbeliever and they can hear it, it may cause great turmoil in their hearts and they might become unpleasant.  This is not a good testimony to them because they may develop contempt rather than love for the Lord because they can’t handle the torment it causes in their spirit.   However, if the volume is so low that they cannot hear it, it can clean the atmosphere for a better conversation.  It is like claiming the atmosphere as sacred ground. If you are using it in an empty room or house to clean the house, you don’t have to like it, it just needs to fill the atmosphere with the glorious name of Jesus and send praises into the atmosphere.  It will be a sweet sounding fragrance in the Father's ears.
Kirsten, you had a dramatic and miraculous deliverance that transformed you in just a few days*.  You were not prepared for the new wineskin you had to live in.  Worship was vital to maintaining your deliverance and getting you comfortable in your new wineskin.  The enemy had such a grip on you he was not going to let you go easily.  He was breathing down your neck looking for a road back in. You could not spend the entire day yelling at the enemy and telling him where to go.  And all that focus on the enemy would be very unhealthy. You really needed a tool like this.
Some people have a more gradual deliverance and don’t have as much need for tools like this as you did.  After your deliverance when you were told to live in radical worship to maintain your deliverance, that was an “inheritance word” (prophetic word) to you.  You heard it like a siren in your mind and sought out how to implement it and it was a lifeline to maintaining your deliverance.
Kirsten: Thank You, Lord. I don’t know where I would be without my iPod, modern technology and my kids who teach me how to use it.

Kathie Walters and Theresa Phillips: 'The Sleeping Lion (in you) Wakes Up'

Kathie Walters and Theresa Phillips: 'The Sleeping Lion (in you) Wakes Up'

2 Miracle Stealers We Need to Bind and Break Right Now

2 Miracle Stealers We Need to Bind and Break Right Now

If we rid ourselves of these two thieves, instances of healing will be overwhelming.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I Hear His Whisper... "The gift of faith"

I Hear His Whisper... "The gift of faith"
What you've been looking for is right before your eyes. And you will begin to see it as I give you a gentle "chiropractic adjustment." Just you wait! For you just need to become a child again. For you've been robbed of your childlike faith and childlike imagination. And today I want to restore your heart and remove unbelief.
You have had life issues that have robbed you of your joy and life has left you holding a bag of of unbelief, but I am is replacing that unbelief with faith, even the gift of faith for those who dare to believe. So let me shake off your old inhibitions and let them go! You will no longer walk around in chains any longer. And they will no longer hold you captive from the abundant life that I have for you. For your eyes are coming into focus. And I am asking you like I asked the prophets of old, What do you see? Giants or grasshoppers, dry bones or armies?
If you'll allow my Spirit to do the necessary adjustments you'll begin to take territories. And every place the soul of your foot treads you will take for the kingdom of heaven. For I am raising up deliverers, a new breed of people, a generation full of passion & full of life. And they won't be bogged down with the things of this earth, but able to ascend & soar above the problems of this world.
I will "fast forward" your advance in My ways. But there's no need to worry about how all these things will come about and how you'll handle the new thing that I am releasing. And the work that I begin I intend to finish for I am watching over my Word to perform it. All you have to do is to align your heart with mine.
For I am coming to strengthen you today for I know just what you need and how to give it to you. So there's no need to worry for I am your strength! And you will worship and serve the Lord in Spirit and in truth for you will no longer be hindered by thoughts of whose watching you and what they think about it, but all your serving and all your victories will come from out of the promptings of Holy Spirit. You will walk in the Spirit & not be hindered by the flesh or by the fear of man. Don't look back. You're not going that way. Instead declare: "I'm not going out the same way that I came in!" For I see you as a victorious army with banners, and I will supernaturally carry you over the finish line. I am the Author and Finisher of your faith. And if you just keep leaning on me you will finish well, because I will carry you!
Proverbs 30:18 The Passion Translation
"I am a God of marvelous mysteries that are
Too amazing to unravel,
Who could fully explain them."    LINK

God is empowering His daughters to SHAKE NATIONS

God is empowering His daughters to SHAKE NATIONS. He is positioning His daughters step into positions of authority, to sway governments, feed the poor, heal the sick, champion radical movements of compassion, and teach people about their identity. The world is searching for true love, and NOW is our time to shake the WORLD with it… 

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A study recently published in The Telegraph discovered that fasting for as little as 3 days can help regenerate the entire immune system, in people of all ages. The study was made by the University of South Carolina and they found this breakthrough of remarkable importance.
The research found that fasting fires up the stem cells into producing new white blood cells, which fight off infection. It would bring great benefit to the people suffering from a damaged immune system, such as cancer patients on chemotherapy and also the elderly people whose immune system becomes less effective throughout the years and they find it difficult to fight diseases.
It was found that fasting “flips a regenerative switch“ that has stem cells creating brand new white blood cells which essentially regenerate the immune system.
Valter Longo, corresponding author of the study and a professor at the USC Davis School of Gerontology, stated: “When you starve, the system tries to save energy, and one of the things it can do to save energy is to recycle a lot of the immune cells that are not needed, especially those that may be damaged.”
Longo added, “With a system heavily damaged by chemotherapy or aging, fasting cycles can generate, literally, a new immune system.”

The King is Coming, Lamps Full (p)


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Be Still My Soul

Be Still My Soul- Amy Shreve


He likes control and order. She refuses to be controlled. With his family history, Robert Farrell has faced his fair share of problems. Lucky for him, he's never been confronted with a problem he can't solve. And when someone starts manipulating his business deals and threatening the people in his life, Robert realizes it's time to gain control and take over. But when he can't control the sexy and mysterious tour guide who refuses his protection, Robert knows that it's up to him to convince her--one way or another. There is no way in Hell Malia Martin will be controlled by anyone--especially not by a Farrell, of all people. Destroying her childhood was all it took for Malia to despise the entire Farrell family--Robert included. The only thing she wants from the irresistible billionaire is distance--a great deal of distance. The only problem is: someone is threatening Malia after her one not-so-innocent encounter with Robert on the beach. Leave it to a Farrell to have a stalker--a stalker that's after her now. As Robert and Malia vie for the upper hand, their enemy closes in. Will the alpha tame the independent woman or will he die trying?

I liked this story, what interesting main characters.  Their first meeting is surprising, with plenty of secrets to come.  Malia was so secretive that at first even the reader has to wait awhile to find out more about her.  One thing that is clear is her pure hatred of anything Farrell.  That was a mystery that had to have time to unwind.  Why, she hated them so much. Each of them had such hard childhoods, in such different ways.  
I enjoyed the spunky conversations between Malia and Robert.

P.S. Malia, was a name I really liked.  Never heard how she got such an unusual name but that's okay, I just enjoyed it anyway.

I was given a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Change the Atmosphere by Speaking Prophetic Words of Life

Over the years that The Hunk and I have travelled for ministry, we have noticed that just as places have a uniquephysical environment, they also have a distinctive atmosphere. Atmosphere is defined by the dictionary as ‘the pervading tone or mood of a place…’ [1]
What is true of localities is also true of our families, our ministries and workplaces, or any group, church or sub-community.
It is also true of our lives.

Have you stopped to consider what the prevailing atmosphere of your life, family, church, ministry or locality is right now?

Many things can impact the atmosphere of a region, for example:
  • The history, any injustices that have taken place
  • The distinctive culture or culture-mix of residents
  • Memories and emotions concerning events that have occurred locally
  • Spiritual strongholds that are unique to the area
  • Judgments and opinions related to politics, people, systems and organisations
  • Expectations (or lack of them) with regard to ‘a future and a hope.’ (Jer 29:11)
In the same way, there are factors from the past, and things taking place right now, that may be affecting the atmosphere of your family, or your personal life.

The amazing thing is, in spite of all these things, an atmosphere can be changed. This is the power of the Gospel!

Change the Atmosphere by Speaking Words of Life

In the book of Acts, we learn of how the city of Samaria, once bound in deception to sorcery, heard the Good News about Jesus. The atmosphere of the entire city became one of ‘great joy.’ (Acts 8:8)
As followers of Jesus, we do not have to put up with or be affected by a negative atmosphere. Instead, we can partner with God to influence and transform the atmosphere.
In Genesis 1, we read of how the earth’s atmosphere was dark and empty. When God spoke a ‘let there be’ word, that atmosphere was transformed. Light came. Life came.
When we speak in agreement with what Father is speaking, creative power is released for the fulfillment of His plans. ‘For no word from God will ever fail.’ (Luke 1:37)

5 Ways to Speak Prophetic Words of Life

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.’ (Prov 18:21)
The Bible tells us that life-giving power is released when God’s people speak words of life. Here are 5 ways that you can speak prophetic, life-giving words that will transform the atmosphere around you:

1. Focus on and Talk about what God is Doing (and what He Intends to do)

Jesus said, ‘The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’ (John 10:10)
When we are going through a trial, it is easy to focus on the difficulty and the pain. In these situations, ‘death’ has to do with loss and the passing of something. Life means, something fresh and new is here and on its way.
It takes a special kind of focus to see what the Holy Spirit is up to. Yes—we can be honest concerning the facts of what is taking place. However we can choose aKingdom perspective. Let’s gossip the goodness and purposes of God—and when we do, the atmosphere will shift.

2. Speak Blessing

There is life-giving impact when we speak, pray or declare words of blessing over people, situations and over ourselves.
A blessing does not have to be formal. It can be spoken in a natural way (‘May you receive God’s healing in your body’ / ‘May you experience growth and increase in your business.’)
We can offer to pray a blessing over a person or situation. We can also incorporate blessing as a tradition—for example in our family life. Words of blessing will change the atmosphere. [2]

3. Pray with Praise and Thanksgiving

Prophetic praise and prayer celebrates God’s outcome before it even manifests physically—and those declarations of praise and thanks shift the atmosphere and contain the power for breakthrough. Miraculous power is released when we pray according to God’s purposes in Jesus’ Name. [3]

4. Use Prophetic Scripture Declaration

Pray and ask God for specific Scriptures that reflect what His heart and purpose is, and what He is doing.
‘Prophetic’ means that we have insight from the Holy Spirit and God’s Word as to God’s intended outcome for a situation or for people. There is tremendous authority when we declare God’s Word.

5. Take Every Opportunity to Share the Gospel

The good news about what Jesus accomplished on the cross and how people can receive forgiveness and life through Him, changes lives and shifts atmospheres.

Jesus said, ‘The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit and life.’ (John 6:63) As we follow Jesus, we will become like Him. What an amazing thought that we too can speak life-giving words, words that are full of the Holy Spirit and empower God’s purposes!

[1] Google request: ‘define: atmosphere’
[2] See the article ‘3 Mistaken Beliefs About God’s Blessing’ for more information about blessing.
[3] For important insights about prayer—whether it be for personal, or regional breakthrough, see the post, ‘Fresh Ways to Pray for Your Nation or Region.’